Soichiro Honda

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Soichiro Honda 本田 宗一郎
BirthplaceHamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Founder of Honda

Honda, Soichiro,

1906–91, Japanese automobile executive. A mechanic and race car driver, he was a self-taught engineer. Honda founded a motorcycle company in the 1940s and began producing cars in the 1950s. His company's clean-burning CVCC engine created an automotive revolution, and its cars won a large share of the U.S. market.
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Quality for the world, made in America, has been an important Honda commitment for the past 25 years," said Takanobu Ito, president & CEO of Honda Motor Co.
Clearly we have a focus on open-wheel racing,'' said Robert Clarke, president of Honda Performance Development.
Since its implementation at the Marysville Auto Plant in 2008, Honda's patented Intelligent Paint Technology has been applied in Honda plants throughout North America.
In addition to a whole new look and better performance, the 2016 Honda Accord adds a variety of new high-tech entertainment and safety features.
Clarke said Honda would like to have at least one other engine manufacturer with which to compete.
On Center Stage, Honda's line up will include planned production scooters like the FORZA Z ABS and Fusion SE, in addition to concept vehicles like the NP6-S and NP6-D created by the N Project, a team of imaginative young engineers at Honda R&D's Asaka R&D Center.
Instead of resurrecting the much-loved CRX, Honda built a small two-seater from aluminum sheet and Civic parts, added batteries and an integrated motor/alternator, and had the nerve to call it "Insight.
In a rare encore performance, replicas of three past award-winning Honda floats are represented: a dreamy race car ("The Power of Dreams," 2003), the longest float in Rose Parade history ("Families across America," 2005) and a fanciful sailing ship that pays tribute to Honda's philanthropic activity ("Ship of Dreams," 2010).
Individuals who are looking for a fun and efficient sedan can choose from vehicles like the 2015 Honda Civic or 2016 Honda Accord.