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The basic population of the Republic of Honduras, numbering more than 2.4 million (1970, estimate).

Hondurans speak the Spanish language. The majority of them are Catholics. Most are employed in agriculture. Before the opening of America, the only inhabitants of Honduras were minor Indian tribes (the Lenca, Jicaques, and Payas) who lived by primitive agriculture. The penetration of the Spaniards into Honduras from Guatemala and their partial mixing with the Indians, especially with the Lenca, began in the 1530’s. At first there were only a few Spanish colonists. Later, beginning in the late 1500’s, the Spanish-speaking population of the country was expanded mostly by the arrival from Guatemala of immigrants of mixed Spanish-Indian origin. They settled mainly in the southwestern part of the country and formed the nucleus of the population of contemporary Honduras. (The history, economics, and culture of the Hondurans is covered in the article HONDURAS.)


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Cocoa of Excellence 2015 lauds Honduran cocoa as best in Central America and Caribbean for its high quality and superb flavor
Popular anger was fueled because, besides having ruined the country's social security system and killed some 3,000 Hondurans who could not receive medical treatment or drugs because of the crisis, the illegal dealings swelled the funds for the successful election campaign two years ago of the ruling rightist Partido Nacional (PN), which put its candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez in the president's chair for the 2014-2018 period (NotiCen, Dec.
As a result, Honduras is today "the most unequal country in Latin America," the report says, citing a litany of statistics: poverty among Hondurans has risen 4.
Objective: As a result of cooperation with highly qualified Hondurans living abroad (diaspora), Honduran academic and scientific activity is strengthened, is more practice and application oriented and there is a greater transfer of knowledge and technology.
After meeting the Honduran free cities team run by Sanchez, and after some initial collaborative meetings with one another, Friedman and Strong each launched his own company seeking partnership with the Hondurans.
In 2012, Honduran institutions worked to thwart violence and narcotics trafficking.
Raul Castro made the comments on Sunday in Havana during the Alba summit of nine Latin American countries, defending what he said was the right of Manuel Zelaya, the former Honduran president, to be reinstated.
Gallup surveyed Hondurans in July, days after troops deposed Zelaya from office, and found 71% of Hondurans saying the political situation in their country is not stable at all, up from 47% in 2008.
Further detraction has been supplied by Honduran Leader Roberto Micheletti himself, whose reaction to a recent meeting in Managua between ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and US ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens is described on page 16 of the July 31 edition of La Tribuna.
OCOTAL: Disheartened supporters of Manuel Zelaya trickled home from the Nicaraguan border on Sunday and the ousted Honduran president complained that U.
The Obama administration can help by lowering the rhetoric, offering to broker talks, and making clear that Hondurans alone will decide their nation's course.
But Becker accurately reported on the complex opinions held by Hondurans and the opposition of the country's teachers to the coup, something many prestigious news outlets have failed to do.