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The vegetables that they grew in the demo farm included lettuce, bell pepper, okra, eggplant, honey dew melon, watermelon and several others.
Tuck in to two courses for PS15 and choose between starters such as Vegetable Soup of the Day or Feta salad, honey dew melon and pea shoot salad, or indulge in three courses for PS20 and finish off your meal with White chocolate Panna cotta or Pistachio and Vanilla creme brulee.
Postharvest sensory and physicochemical attributes of Honey Dew melon fruits.
Presented piled on top of each other thewater and honey dew melon were symmetrically placed within a pattern of diced mango, strawberries and on top resided a scoop of coconut sorbet.
The striking beverages (creamy consistency, purple or tan or lemony-hued and mottled with black tapioca pearls floating near the bottom f the sundae-like glass) are a cross between iced tea, milk shakes and dessert, and are only a few of the fun and festive coolers available at the shop; others include the honey dew melon shake (made with oatmeal), mango green tea or green barley with passion fruit juice.
Mr Karzai said he hoped Afghanistan would be free of poppy crops within five to six years and that Afghan farmers could find alternative crops like honey dew melons and pomegranates.
When ripe, they turn a greenish color similar to honey dew melons and begin to dry, forming a hollow inside and extra hard shell.
HONEY DEW MELONS Look For: A soft, velvety feel, a slight softening at the blossom end, a faint pleasant fruit aroma, and a yellowish white to creamy rind color.