Honey Extractor

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Honey Extractor


a centrifuge that draws the honey out of honeycombs. The honey extractor was invented in 1865 by the Czech beekeeper and designer Gruska. (Previously, honey was obtained by pressing the honeycombs.)

The extractors come in several designs, but all of them consist of an outer tank, an inner drum (or rotor) in which the honeycombs (frames) are placed, and a drive element. When the rotor turns, the honey is sprayed by centrifugal force against the walls of the tank, runs down to the bottom, and escapes to the outside through a tap. There are several kinds of extractors: chordal extractors, in which the frames are set along the chord—that is, with the sides facing the wall of the tank; radial extractors, in which the frames are set along the radii; and combination extractors.


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The other method is using a honey extractor specially designed to remove the white layer.
The honey extractor, about the size of a 50-gallon barrel, originally belonged to L.G.
Honey extractors were used to extract honey from the comb without damaging the comb.
Manual Honey Extractor (Steel)###1###25,000###25,000
With increasing use of centrifugal honey extractors toward the end of the nineteenth century and economic pressure to improve efficiency, hive experimentation and diversity were doomed as streamlining and standardization swept from the factory into the realm of the apiary.
One recommended item, the honey extractor, which removes honey from the comb, looked like a pretty demanding do-it-yourself project and had no obvious counterparts lying around the house.
Spending hundreds of dollars on a honey extractor for his few hives didn't make sense to James Noble, so he built his own.
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