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384–423, Roman emperor of the West (395–423). On the death (395) of Theodosius I, the Roman Empire was divided; ArcadiusArcadius
, c.377–408, Roman emperor of the East (395–408), son and successor of Theodosius I. His brother, Honorius, inherited (395) the West. Henceforth the division between the Eastern and Western empires became permanent.
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, the elder son, received the East, and Honorius, the younger son, received the West. This division proved to be a permanent one. The general StilichoStilicho, Flavius
, d. 408, Roman general, a Vandal. He was the chief general of Theodosius I, whose niece he married. By order of Theodosius, he served after Theodosius' death (395) as the regent for Honorius in the West.
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, as guardian of Honorius, at first controlled the government of the West and defended the empire against the Visigoths. Honorius married (398) Stilicho's daughter, but in 408, influenced by a malicious favorite, Honorius ordered the execution of his general. Alaric IAlaric I
, c.370–410, Visigothic king. He headed the Visigothic troops serving Emperor Theodosius I. After the emperor's death (395) the troops rebelled and chose Alaric as their leader (see Visigoths). Alaric devastated Thrace, Macedonia, and Greece.
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, king of the Visigoths, invaded Italy again in 409 and installed a puppet ruler at Rome, while Honorius remained at Ravenna. Negotiations with Alaric were mishandled by Honorius; infuriated, Alaric stormed and sacked Rome in 410. Alaric's death left AtaulfAtaulf
, d. 415, Visigothic king (410–15). Succeeding his brother-in-law, Alaric I, he abandoned Alaric's scheme of southward expansion and led the Visigoths out of Italy into S Gaul (France) in 412.
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 in command of the Visigoths, who then left Italy to invade Gaul. In 412, Honorius made peace with Ataulf, whom he reluctantly accepted (414) as husband for his sister Galla PlacidiaGalla Placidia
, c.388–450, Roman empress of the West, daughter of Theodosius I. Captured by Alaric I in the course of his Italian campaign, she was held by the Visigoths as a hostage and married (414) Alaric's successor Ataulf.
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. A rival emperor, ConstantineConstantine,
d. 411, Roman general. He was proclaimed emperor by the Roman troops in Britain in 407 and led a revolt in Gaul and Spain against the Western emperor Honorius. He conquered part of Gaul and, through his son Constans, took Spain.
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, was defeated (411) by Honorius' general Constantius, who soon exercised the actual power and who married (417) the widowed Galla Placidia. In 421, Honorius was obliged to accept Constantius as joint emperor (see Constantius IIIConstantius III,
d. 421, Roman emperor of the West (421). In 411, as general of Honorius, he defeated Gerontius and Constantine; thereafter he was the virtual ruler of the West.
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), but Constantius died in the same year. Honorius died two years later; after a usurper was put down by forces from the East, the son of Galla Placidia and Constantius became (425) emperor as Valentinian III. The weak reign of Honorius marked an important stage in the decline of the Western Empire.
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In The Rose we meet Abbot Suger who believes in making cathedrals like books for the illiterate, and Honorius (29) for whom, contrary to the reactionary St.
It was in the time of King Bela, in 1241 after the birth of Christ, in the time of the Roman pope Honorius the Third and the emperor of the Roman Empire Frederick.
Dominic received the bull 'Gratiarum Largitori Omnium' from Pope Honorius III, which first speaks of the 'Order of Preachers.
The true Roman Emperor, Honorius, responded that they were on their own again.
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It was in December 1216 that Pope Honorius III established the Order of Preachers with his bull Religiosam vitam.
Logan explains that Pope Honorius Ill's 1219 Super specula already allowed promising candidates to be absent from their parishes for study before the 1298 Cum ex eo.
Her assessment of Eriugena as a "Father" or acknowledged Catholic author needs a supporting argument, given that Pope Honorius III in 1225 judged Eriugena's major work, the Periphyseon, to be "swarming with worms of heretical perversity" and called for all copies of the book to be destroyed (quoted by Jean A.
This narrative negation often appears in the obituaries he composes as the anticlimactic summations of imperial careers, as in his dismissals of Honorius and Arcadius, the heirs of the emperor Theodosius.
This project will cover the time from the first princeps, Augustus, to the emperor Honorius (1st century BCE-5th century CE).
Tamara Atkin's book opens with a quote from the Histrio-Mastix (1633) by the anti-theatrical writer William Prynne, who translates a passage from Honorius Augustodunensis (twelfth century) that affirms a connection between the priest celebrating Mass and acting in the theater; for example, "by the stretching out of his hands, he denotes the extension of Christ upon the Crosse.
Pope Honorius III confirmed Fineshade s right to elect its own prior in May 1223.