green turtle

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green turtle:

see sea turtlesea turtle,
name for several species of large marine turtles found in tropical and subtropical oceans. These turtles are modified for life in the ocean by having flipperlike forelimbs without toes and lightweight shells. Their heads are too large to be withdrawn into the shell.
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I swam in the lagoon with honu, graceful sun-seekers who always find their way home.
Chef Paul Maranda of the all-small-plates venue Honu Kitchen and Cocktails in Huntington, New York, also uses fresh herbs in one form or another on every plate.
The tracks are Daybreak (4:38), Ibo Oye (3:52), One Race (3:51), Bodhisattva (2:37), Kona Honu (2:57), Desert Rain (3:30), Thirteenth Moon (3:12), Pathfinder (3:00), Ma Mere La Mer (4:00), Mi Sonora (3:10), Reflecting Pool (2:42), Barefoot in Cholla (3:36), and After the Storm (5:12).
Adopt your honu now and watch them go as they slide down to the finish line.
The Portland Brewery will continue to brew its lineup of beers from the MacTarnahans, Honu, Buffalo Bills and Portland Brewing brands," continued Hancock.
Honu Beer offers a smooth, 100 percent malted barley beverage that gives back to the animals it's named after ("honu" means sea turtle in Hawaiian).
Officially launched in December 2002, HONU (Honolulu ONline Utilities), is helping HBWS employees better serve the citizens and visitors of Honolulu.
tens of Hawaiian green turtles, or honu, will be paraded down from their nursery pools to the ocean accompanied by flag-waving children and dancers performing a special honu hula.
Today, the protection of honu and the protection of Earth are as closely intertwined as ever.