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see HebeiHebei
or Hopei
, province (2010 pop. 71,854.202), 78,900 sq mi (204,404 sq km), NE China, on the Bohai, an arm of the Yellow Sea. The capital is Shijiazhuang. The province contains two autonomous municipalities administered directly by the central government: Beijing,
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, China.


, Hopeh, Hopei
a province of NE China, on the Gulf of Chihli: important for the production of winter wheat, cotton, and coal. Capital: Shijiazhuang. Pop.: 67 690 000 (2003 est.). Area: 202 700 sq. km (79 053 sq. miles)
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Wilson, Gary and Peter C Rowles 1997 'Notes on the biology of Lepidozamia hopei Regel (Zamiaceae)', Encephalartos 52:12-17.
hopei in that it is more gracile and there is well-developed lingual crown ornamentation.
who, in order to rescue the Chao troops in the besieged city of Chu-lu (in today's Hopei province), broke the encirclement of the Ch'in army in a fierce battle.
Although it is difficult to estimate the extent of the government's involvement in the drug industry because many drug houses were `camouflaged as pharmacies, photo dealers, houses of prostitution, or even as groceries' (`Narcotics Working Havoc' 1935: 403), Hopei Province alone contained more than 700 morphine and heroin houses (`Japanese Fostered Morphine' 1935).
But as soon as the plane flies out over Hopei the character of land use changes dramatically.