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in the Bible, unlocated mountain, on the boundary of Edom, the place of Aaron's death. It was traditionally identified with Jabal Harun, a mountain in SW Jordan, but it does not correspond with the biblical description.


On drawings, abbr. for horizontal.
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On the same day, Hor Nambora also signed a memorandum of agreement in education with PresUniv.
Gwenver Hor from the American Center for the Diseases Control, indicated that the investigation of acute paralysis is one of the main strategies for the eradication of the disease, and a base for the evaluation of the success and effectiveness of the vaccination national campaign.
Abu al-Asil al-Anzi, the official in charge of military trainings of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front, alongside two other senior commanders were killed in clashes with the Syrian soldiers near al-Zara and Hor Benafsa.
The HoR and the UN rejected it, both charging that the Supreme Court acted under MB coercion, with the international community still recognising the HoR as being the only legitimate authority in Libya.
The HoR enjoys international recognition and joined forces with renegade General Khalifa Haftar's 'Operation Dignity', which launched in May with the aim of combating "terrorism" in the coastal city of Benghazi.
According to the nation's constitution, the National Assembly cannot be dissolved before a five-year term ends, Hor Namhong said, adding that the opposition's demand for a re-election or an early election needs an amendment to the constitution.
It would be nice if the RTA covers all of Hor Al Anz in the paid parking system.
It seems that in pursuit of their prey which are small fish found in shallow waters, this whales had accidentally entered in the Miani Hor lagoon and because of disorientation in the profile of the lagoon it ventured deeper, thus getting stranded," said Khan.
Hor Namhong plans to visit the United States after the trip to Pyongyang.
The above data has been based on the Wood-Rat Year Census conducted by Yuthog Khenchung Wangdu Norbu when he was serving as Governor of Hor states.
Acts waad hev known frem hor face if sheh thought they were minging.
The plea deal will save Hor and Amera Akl from life sentences.