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in the Bible, unlocated mountain, on the boundary of Edom, the place of Aaron's death. It was traditionally identified with Jabal Harun, a mountain in SW Jordan, but it does not correspond with the biblical description.
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On drawings, abbr. for horizontal.
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Hor Namhong said Thailand should make its position clear on whether it is ''willing'' to accept Indonesian observers on the border under the so-called terms of reference, or TOR.
" These new images will help us to provide more detailed answers to questions such as who was Bakt Hor Nekht?
HOR is a resource centre under the Freedom Foundation which caters specifically for the rehabilitation needs of drug and alcohol dependent persons.
Amid the uproar, the HOR backpedaled pronto the other day on the most controversial provision in the House draft charter: the exclusion of Vice President Leni Robredo from the line of succession during a transition to a federal system.
David transformed Ho Yan Hor into a pharmaceutical company.
Mainly because of the beauty of this country, tolerance, and respect of Indonesia is amazing,' said Hor Nambora.
Gwenver Hor from the American Center for the Diseases Control, indicated that the investigation of acute paralysis is one of the main strategies for the eradication of the disease, and a base for the evaluation of the success and effectiveness of the vaccination national campaign.
'For these reasons, they declare null the lawsuit on Sam Rainsy on January 29 at the request of Hor Namhong, as well as any subsequent legal pursuits,' the court verdict reached on July 8 reads.
Issa repeatedly blocked votes by the HoR needed to support Libya's political transition.
During the Thursday army attacks in Zara and Hor Benafsa towns, a large cache of terrorists' weapons and their vehicles were also destroyed.
Elections to a House of Representatives (HoR) were set to end the wars, after persisting pressures by the Karama camp.
The visiting foreign minister represents Libya's House of Representatives (HoR), one of two rival governments in Egypt's western neighbour.