Horace Greeley

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Greeley, Horace


Born Feb. 3, 1811. at Amherst. N. H.; died Nov. 29, 1872. in Pleasantville, N. Y. American political figure and journalist.

In 1841, Greeley founded the New York Daily Tribune, which in the 1850’s became an organ of the Republican Party; between 1851 and 1862, K. Marx and F. Engels were among the paper’s contributors. During the Civil War (1861–65), Greeley favored an accommodation with the plantation owners. In 1872 he ran for president on the ticket of the Liberal Republican Party, which was close to the plantation owners, but was defeated.


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Operation Horace Greeley supported the 101st Airborne Division's Operation Massachusetts Striker and Operation Apache Snow, which included the infamous battles of Dong A Tay (Bloody Ridge) and Dong Ap Bai (Hamburger Hill).
If, as Peter Hays suggests, the narrator's nickname is a reference to Horace Greeley, that could be a submerged clue to the narrator's identity as a journalist.
Horace Greeley, John Quincy Adams and the rest of the abolitionists - reckless madmen, obviously on the wrong side of history - ban 'em.
they're all but quoting 19th-century editor and journalist Horace Greeley, who used those words to oppose legal divorce, Divorce, he argued, violated marriage's very definition--you could read it in the dictionary
On August 20, 1862, when Horace Greeley s New York Tribune demanded action against slavery, Lincoln had already decided on a proclamation freeing the slaves.
Records show that Hall of fame artists were painting instant appeal on Post covers at the same time Horace Greeley was coming up with the phrase "Go West, young man.
Anthony, Horace Greeley, Mark Twain, Henry Ward Beecher, and Abraham Lincoln, whose address there all but assured his presidential nomination in 1860.
Pulitzer's statement made it sound like Woo was his closest friend and the greatest editor since Horace Greeley.
Prestigious proponents of special creation included both Thoreau's scientific mentor, Louis Agassiz, and Thoreau's editor, Horace Greeley.
Among the nearly 600,000 souls interred here are Leonard Bernstein, Horace Greeley, FAO Schwartz, Samuel Morse, Boss Tweed, Albert Anastasia and more than 3,000 veterans of the Civil War.
To borrow the words of American author Horace Greeley, it is time to 'go west,'" said Warren Chang, vice president and general manager, Fly.
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