Horace Greeley

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Greeley, Horace


Born Feb. 3, 1811. at Amherst. N. H.; died Nov. 29, 1872. in Pleasantville, N. Y. American political figure and journalist.

In 1841, Greeley founded the New York Daily Tribune, which in the 1850’s became an organ of the Republican Party; between 1851 and 1862, K. Marx and F. Engels were among the paper’s contributors. During the Civil War (1861–65), Greeley favored an accommodation with the plantation owners. In 1872 he ran for president on the ticket of the Liberal Republican Party, which was close to the plantation owners, but was defeated.


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Included in this study are contributions from Horace Greeley, John M.
"Abraham Lincoln and Horace Greeley" (9780809330454, $19.95, 160 pages) by Gregory A.
S.'s heading east to conquer scientific frontiers, reversing Horace Greeley's credo.
In 1862, impatient with the plight of African Americans and caught up in the fever of the Civil War, New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley wrote an editorial, published as an open letter to President Abraham Lincoln, in which he urged that the president strongly commit himself to emancipation.
In 1852, George Moses, Horton sent his poem, Poet's Feeble Petition, to abolitionist Horace Greeley. One quatrain read "Listen all who never felt / For fettered genius heretofore-- / Let hearts of petrifaction melt / And bid the gifted Negro soar." The sentiments are paradoxical: the poet is at once genius and the author of a "feeble" petition; though enslaved, he considers himself "gifted" and thereby suggests that he has transcended slavery's psychological chains.
"Go West young man, and grow up with the country," newspaper editor and Greeley, Colo., namesake Horace Greeley is alleged to have said.
-- In the course of a conversation, a congressman told newspaper editor Horace Greeley that he was a self-made man.
Bush, President of the United States, in an address at Horace Greeley Elementary School in Chicago (IL) (1/7/08)
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings joined President Bush in Chicago, where he addressed guests at Horace Greeley Elementary School.
Upon graduating from Guelph Agricultural College in 1921, Almey, in the spirit of Horace Greeley, moved west to work for the Manitoba Government.
However, thirty-eight years ago in Vietnam, American combat engineers were engaged in the largest and most successful combat engineering feat of that long-ago war--one that tested all their skills and ingenuity and brought them recognition--Operation Horace Greeley. The operation involved the construction of Route 547--also known as the A Shau Expressway--from Hue across the steep jungle-covered mountains of the Ammonite Cordillera and into the infamous A Shau Valley.
Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, the former finance minister, noted he would make no statements until he had a good cigar.