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1. a local group of people in a nomadic society
2. a nomadic group of people, esp an Asiatic group
3. a large moving mass of animals, esp insects



(1) Among the Turkic and Mongol peoples, a military-administrative organization, quartering place, or nomad camp. In medieval times it was a headquarters; the state rulers’ capital. Consequently, the term came to designate the great Turkic and Mongol feudal states and nomadic tribal alliances, for example, the Golden Horde and the Nogai Horde.

(2) An archaic term for the first pretribal (preclan) societies of primitive man. In this sense, “horde” is a synonym for the “primitive human herd.”

(3) In everyday usage, a horde is a large, unorganized crowd of people.

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In the second half, Redcar's point-scoring chances were restricted to a missed penalty kick from Danny Addison but Horden scored three more tries, the last coming when the score was 22-22 and, in the last play of the match, Horden managed to scramble over the line for a try.
Where: Seventh Street, Horden, Peterlee When: June 5 The final home on our list is another mid-terraced home, which has changed hands for the third time in less than a year.
A policeman stands guard at the house in Greenside Avenue, Horden, Peterlee, which was the scene of a multiple shooting
Appearing in the first round proper five times, including in 1948 when they lost 2-1 to Southport, Horden will be out to claim the scalp of Burscough.
It is on an existing rail line, between stations at Hartlepool and Seaham and is near the main residential centre of Peterlee, and would serve Horden, Peterlee, Shotton Colliery, Easington Colliery, Easington Village and Blackhall Colliery.
Horden hit back after the break with quick-fire penalties, but Wood had the last laugh to secure Boro's bonus point victory.
The cleaners at Horden House receive 20 days holiday plus eight bank holidays.
The family of the dead girl were not at their Horden home yesterday.
Horden and other former pit villages are suffering.
Panic in the home defence allowed Horden to go ahead after only two minutes through Mark Brischuk.
Shaking |hands with Barnesbury CC president James Allen after their success are are (clockwise from top left) Thomas Horden, Roddy Weir, thirdplaced Jamie
Of the eight games involving the top-six clubs, no fewer than four are straight head to heads, secondplaced Horden, with Esh Winning and Tudhoe, in the very thick of the battle with both their games involving top-level opponents.