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1. a local group of people in a nomadic society
2. a nomadic group of people, esp an Asiatic group
3. a large moving mass of animals, esp insects
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(1) Among the Turkic and Mongol peoples, a military-administrative organization, quartering place, or nomad camp. In medieval times it was a headquarters; the state rulers’ capital. Consequently, the term came to designate the great Turkic and Mongol feudal states and nomadic tribal alliances, for example, the Golden Horde and the Nogai Horde.

(2) An archaic term for the first pretribal (preclan) societies of primitive man. In this sense, “horde” is a synonym for the “primitive human herd.”

(3) In everyday usage, a horde is a large, unorganized crowd of people.

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The ongoing regeneration of the village has also been significantly boosted in recent weeks with the start of work on a new PS10.55million railway station, which will link the village into the local, regional and national rail network, providing a significant economic boost to Horden and the east Durham area.
On 28 minutes Horden's No.7 received a yellow card, but this did not make much difference to the way the game was going.
Horden's creation was the winning entry for a 1992 competition to design a landmark tower for the millennium.
* A policeman stands guard at the house in Greenside Avenue, Horden, Peterlee, which was the scene of a multiple shooting
Appearing in the first round proper five times, including in 1948 when they lost 2-1 to Southport, Horden will be out to claim the scalp of Burscough.
Meanwhile, Phili are confident a record was created last Saturday, when Horden seconds were dismissed for just five runs.
Horden pulled one back before Tom Hizzett, Jenkins and and Clarke increased the lead - Horden then netting again.
From the off, Horden's pack showed it would test Redcar's mobile but lighter forwards and, after only four minutes, they scored a pushover try.
Leading the debate, Mr Morris said the villages' problems followed the closure of Horden colliery in 1987, which among other things led to a decline in the local population over time.
In the chapter 'Machines for Living in' the narrative leads from Le Corbusier via Buckminster Fuller to Jean Prouve with Richard Horden's Yacht House in between.
Durham Police yesterday said that Stacey Laight, of Horden, County Durham, had been out with friends in neighbouring Hartlepool on Friday night and then returned to a friend's house in the early hours.
RESULTS: McKenna (South Durham) L SD Allen (Redcar); Bradley (South Durham) L SD Kershaw (Dunston); Hill (Perth Green) W SD Carr (Bo's Gym); Sander (South Durham) L UNAN Spencer (Cleator Moor); Starke (Houghton) L DQ3 McGrady (Cleator Moor); Wallace (Horden) W UNAN McCarthy (Phil Thomas); Howell (South Durham) L UNAN Ormonde (Perth Green); Gray (Horden) W UNAN Choppin (Aycliffe); Archer (South Durham) W SD Wilkinson (Forest Hall).