Horse Stable

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Horse Stable


a place where horses are kept. Stables for Thoroughbreds house studs, mares, and yearlings. Thorough-breds are kept in individual box stalls; yearlings are stabled individually in box stalls or in groups in large rooms. The standard measurements of box stalls for studs, mares, and yearlings are 3.5 m × 3.5 m. Stables for draft horses are equipped with tie stalls and box stalls for lactating mares and their unweaned foals. The standard measurements of tie stalls for large breeds of horses are 1.75 m × 3 m; stalls for small breeds usually measure 1.6 m × 2.85 m.

The interior of a horse stable usually consists of two rows of box stalls, tie stalls, and large rooms along the outer walls and a central passage running lengthwise. The box stalls and large rooms are equipped with feeders and waterers. A horse stable should also contain other facilities, such as a riding school (80-90 sq m), a feed room (10-12 sq m), a dressing room (6-12 sq m), a harness room (10-12 sq m), a staff area a watering place (to be used in the absence of a waterer), and a room for testing a stud’s seminal fluid (in the absence of a place designated for artificial insemination). If the floor of the stable is hard, a sewage system is built. Stables with box stalls for Thoroughbred and draft horses should house no more than 40 head; stables with large rooms can keep up to 100 horses.


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TAP) - Days after the failed military coup that broke out into deadly violence in Turkey, talks of reintroducing the death penalty have revived and thousands have been arrested, many of whom were detained in horse stables, stripped to the waist in humiliation.
His service project, completed for Camp Harlow in Eugene, involved planting 15 trees around the horse stables at the camp to provide shade.
Dettori, meanwhile, has finally sold his White Horse Stables property in Stetchworth, near Newmarket, although Santa did not have as much in his sack as initially wanted.
Metropolitan |Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, offers some mints to a police horse named Embassy at the Metropolitan Police horse stables in Great Scotland Yard, London, yesterday.
He then added he thought the move was a land grab by money-hungry developers desperate to get hold of the horse stables on Manhattan's West Side.
He then added he thought the move was a land grab by money hungry developers desperate to get hold of the horse stables on Manhattan's West Side.
Investigators did a door-to-door sweep of houses, storage sheds and horse stables.
Abdul Aziz bin Mansoor al-Shanfari, Director General of Agriculture and Livestock in Dhofar Governorate pointed out that the agriculture census does not include anything outside the agricultural deed, such as house gardens, parks, pastures, plant farms outside the fields, agricultural and animal research plants, horse stables, race camel farms, agricultural tools sale shops, production supplies, such as seeds, fertilizers, pest control materials, vet medicines and places for temporary gathering of animal for marketing.
He also owned and operated horse stables in New Milford, CT.
Anthony is well-known and respected across the country in the forest industry and for his thoroughbred horse stables, which have turned out several winners of major races.
Findings indicate the strong presence of Escherichia coli in pond water adjacent to horse stables and less presence in water from pasture and housing development ponds.