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CHEERING SIGHT: The Stagecoach Company believes that rather than causing road rage, horse-drawn carriages will have a calming effect on motorists BYGONE DAYS: An impressive line-up of horse-drawn carriages evokes the elegance of an often lamented relaxed and gracious form of travel
Some want a luxury car and other want a traditional horse-drawn carriage,' said a wedding planner in Satellite Town.
A 60 years old Tanga owner Nadeem khan said, 'I was associated with the 'tanga' profession for the last 40 years and i agrees the arrival of auto rickshaws and other modern vehicles has pushed the horse-drawn carriage to the margins.
Move begins to ban horse-drawn carriages from city streets
A white horse-drawn carriage carries the coffin of Paul Brettwood, top left
Horse-drawn carriages should be banned from Manila's streets.
An online petition, set up after the crash, calls for drivers to show they know how to pass a horse or horse-drawn carriage safely as part of the UK driving test.
Quinn has long had a rocky relationship with animal-rights groups such as NYclass and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, both of which support phasing out horse-drawn carriages and replacing them with electric-powered replicas of early-20th century automobiles.
A horse-drawn carriage ride allows tourists to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Bethlehem and downtown Bethlehem.
PRINCE WILLIAM and Kate Middleton will depart Westminster Abbey in the same fairytale horse-drawn carriage used by the Prince and Princess of Wales on their wedding day.
Summary: If it is sunny on the day of the Royal Wedding, the famous horse-drawn carriage that carried Diana on her big day will not be used.