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a vehicle to which horses are usually hitched. (Such a vehicle may also be drawn by oxen, mules, camels, and other draft animals.) Horse-drawn vehicles may carry people or cargo. They may have wheels or runners (sleds); those with wheels are either single-axled (with two wheels) or double-axled (with four wheels). The vehicles may be unsprung, semisprung, or sprung; there may be a shaft or a tongue.

In Middle Asia and in the countries of the Middle East, arby having two wheels, each with a diameter reaching 2 m, are used to transport loads across fields that are broken up by ditches. The most modern wheeled vehicles of this type are unsprung freight wagons with ball bearings and pneumatic tires.

Three types of horse-drawn vehicles are manufactured in the USSR: a single-axled dumpcart with a capacity of 0.75 ton, a double-axled dumpcart with a capacity of 1.5 tons, and a non-dumping vehicle with a capacity of 2 tons. These vehicles, which are equipped with large beds, are noiseless, travel well on dirt roads and over roadless areas, and deliver the load (milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables) in good condition.

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The firm successfully made the transition from horse-drawn vehicles to horseless carriages.
The only way to get around was by horse-drawn vehicles or by railway, but there would be no cars in Eston for several decades yet.
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An example of this lies in two different ways of telling the story of horse-drawn vehicles.
The exhibition's a walk down memory lane, and fascinating too; pictures of the crowds at the Central Station as the team took to horse-drawn vehicles holding the Cup aloft, and the original No.
Motorists who ventured into city streets in the first quarter of the twentieth century were expected to conform to the street as it was: a place chiefly for pedestrians, horse-drawn vehicles, and streetcars.
The bulk of those who drive automobiles and also horse-drawn vehicles are careful.
Also the alert and excellent study in the geometry of complex shapes, in which the varied components of two-wheeled and four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicles are depicted in such a way that each element is clear, and the rule respected that no line of the carving can cross another.
Meticulously researched and impressively written, The Carriage Trade: Making Horse-Drawn Vehicles In America by Thomas A.
Indeed, the couple have a perfect partnership, with Mr Starley creating the replicas of horse-drawn vehicles from sketches in history texts and Mrs Starley making the horses.
Great for biking, Lama-Trekking, (walking excursions with lamas as carriers), excursion with horse-drawn vehicles.
Historic Vehicles in Miniature" showcases the obsessive genius of Ivan Collins, a one-time University of Oregon furniture maker who became so taken with the disappearance of horse-drawn vehicles that he dedicated his life to documenting and re-creating all manner of wagons in one-eighth scale.