Horseshoe Lake State Park

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Horseshoe Lake State Park (Madison County)

Location:Southwestern Illinois, in Madison County, off IL 111.
Facilities:48 Class C tent or trailer campsites, picnic areas, 5 shelters, 3 playgrounds, 2 volleyball areas, hiking trails (4 miles), fishing pier (é), 3 boat ramps.
Activities:Camping, boating (50 HP limit), fishing, hiking, hunting.
Special Features:Horseshoe Lake is very old, as illustrated by its 3-foot depth. It has been inhabited by various American Indian groups throughout time. The earliest evidence of activity at this site dates to 8000 BC. During the Woodland period (1000 BC-1000 AD), 30-40,000 mound builders farmed the surrounding area and relied on Horseshoe Lake as a supplemental food source.
Address:3321 Hwy 111
Granite City, IL 62040

Size: 2,960 acres.

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