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A block of the earth's crust uplifted along faults relative to the rocks on either side.
A mass of the earth's crust limited by faults and standing in relief.
One of the older mountain masses limiting the Alps on the west and north.
A knobby ledge of limestone beneath a thin soil mantle.



an area of the earth’s crust that is elevated above adjacent areas and is usually elongated. It is bordered by steeply dipping fractures—faults or upthrow faults. Horsts vary in size; they may be dozens of kilometers across and hundreds of kilometers long.

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With his local connections, Horst Expediting soon became a reality.
In 2006 Horst brought the Louise Braille School rock band Sechs Richtige to Morpeth's King Edward VI School and Gosforth, and six years later the original Tonbande made another visit to the town.
When it comes to controversy, Horst said, the key is to "be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit.
Horst was presented with the Distinguished Citizen Award by Massillon Washington High School, the high school he graduated from in 1953.
They conceded less goals than we did because they defended harder than we attacked," said Horst.
Children's approach to care aligns with the vision Horst and I have used in our own lives, which is to integrate ideas which benefit people," added Stordalen.
Horst cannot speak English but former Army major Richard, a mountain leader and ski instructor, said: "Horst says it is not the language which has left him speechless but the fuel prices here.
Our target is to be in the World Cup championship and for that we need to qualify for the second round of AFC Under-16 Championship," said Horst speaking to the media at the Oman Football Association (OFA) headquarters in Seeb yesterday.
Josh Horst founded Horst Expediting and Remote Operations with a half-ton pickup, an iPhone, and a computer out of his dry cabin outside Fairbanks in January 2008.
Consumers view file ice cream shop as a 'Wow' space," said Ben Horst, project designer at HDI.
Technical workshops take a scientific approach to beauty and Horst Rechelbacher offer an intensive educational experience.
Horst - married to Fritzl's second eldest daughter Rosemarie, 47 - frequently visited his dad-in-law and his unsuspecting wife Rosemarie senior, 68.