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A block of the earth's crust uplifted along faults relative to the rocks on either side.
A mass of the earth's crust limited by faults and standing in relief.
One of the older mountain masses limiting the Alps on the west and north.
A knobby ledge of limestone beneath a thin soil mantle.



an area of the earth’s crust that is elevated above adjacent areas and is usually elongated. It is bordered by steeply dipping fractures—faults or upthrow faults. Horsts vary in size; they may be dozens of kilometers across and hundreds of kilometers long.

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We just felt that we got to a point in the season where this team could do more and could perform at a different level in a different way and (we are) looking for a fresh approach and different voice in leadership for the team," Horst said.
Ainsi, la nomination de Horst Koehler suscite de l'espoir pour faire aboutir ce dossier qui traine depuis longtemps, surtout qu'il est connu par des qualites telles e sens du relationnel et l'esprit de cooperation.
For the past twenty years Horst has been creating abstract art inspired by jazz.
The project was led by Heather Horst, Jo Tacchi, and Dominic Friguglietti.
It's not something we can turn around overnight," Horst said, "but I think that the conversations we shared left all of us feeling very hopeful and that there gradually would be transition, and healing happening, and I think we're heading down the first stages of a new day.
With his local connections, Horst Expediting soon became a reality.
In 2006, Horst brought the Louise Braille School rock band Sechs Richtige to Morpeth's King Edward VI School and Gosforth, and six years later the original Tonbande made another visit to the town.
Horst said his team did not play its best game and did not threaten the opposition goal much.
Children's will name the clinic the Kiran Stordalen and Horst Rechelbacher Pediatric Pain, Palliative and Integrative Medicine Clinic in recognition of this lead gift.
The USD344,000 deal size refers to the value of the shares to be bought by each of Horst Baier and Klaus Mangold.
Horst continues to demonstrate a very special talent for engaging his readers total attention from beginning to end as he populates a riveting storyline with memorable characters and unanticipated plot twists.
Horst Hassold, 87, a gunner in the German navy, was overcome with emotion as he revisited the small attic room he occupied as a prisoner.