For names spelled thus, use Husayn, Husein, or Hussein.
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Bahram Abedi, (1,*) Hoseyn Fatolahi, (2) Sara Kouhidehkordi, (1) and Gholam Abbass Zolfaghari (1)
Among the authors and texts are Ouyang Jingwu: Buddhism is neither Religion nor Philosophy but What the Present Generation is is Need of (China 1922), Necmeddin 'Arif: Studying in Paris (Egypt 1904-05), Mohammad Hoseyn Na'imi: Government from the Perspective of Islam (Iran 1909), and Carrying the Gospel to All the Non-Christian World (Resolution of the World Missionary Conference at Edinburgh) (Scotland 1910).
Yet, ever cautious not to antagonize the Ottomans, Shah Sultan Hoseyn (1079/1668-1139/ 1726, r.
1) Behzad Ordoubadi, (2) Manuchehr Norazariyan, (3) Mohhamad Hoseyn Somei
Official posters proposed a compromise for the benefit of the prince of martyrs: "Noruz'e man bar Hoseyn ast" ("My Noruz is for Hussein").
2005, Radif of Mirza Hoseyn Qoli, played by Fakhamoddole Behzadi.
51, quoting Seyyed Hoseyn Nasr, Ideals and Realities of Islara (London: Allen & Unwin, 1966), p.
Tarab-Khaneh: Rubaiyat-e Hakim Khayyami-e Nishaburi" scribed by Yar Ahmad ibn Hoseyn Rashidi of Tabriz in 1462, contains 559 quatrains.
Now he faces further incarceration for participating in a BBC interview with Iran's leading reformist cleric, the late Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri, whose death in 2009 incited a rash of antigovernment demonstrations across Iran.
Mohammad Hoseyn Shanbodi, a political security deputy, told Khalij-e Fars television news that local officials had no advance warning of an impending readiness test.