Private Branch Exchange

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private branch exchange

[′prī·vət ′branch iks‚chānj]
A telephone exchange serving a single organization, having a switchboard and associated equipment, usually located on the customer's premises; provides for switching calls between any two extensions served by the exchange or between any extension and the national telephone system via a trunk to a central office. Abbreviated PBX.

private branch exchange (PBX)

A private telephone switching system located on the customer’s premises, usually serving an organization (such as a business or government agency). It switches telephone calls within a building and also to an outside telephone network.

Private Branch Exchange

(PBX) A telephone exchange local to a particular organisation who use, rather than provide, telephone services. The earliest PBXs were manual (Private Manual Branch EXchange, PMBX) but are now more likely to be automatic (Private Automatic Branch eXchange).
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