Hot Cell

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hot cell

[′hät ‚sel]

Hot Cell


a chamber for working with strongly radioactive substances, such as irradiated fuel elements, sample materials, and the structural elements of the active core of a reactor. At atomic research centers and laboratories hot cells are used in reactor technology and for work connected with material studies and physical and technological research.

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"Inside the power plant, we find an experimental breeder reactor at the heart of the building along with multiple support areas including a hot cell that can be rotated to the inside of the reactor, a cooling canal for fuel removal, electrical generator, chemistry laboratory, overhead crane to open the reactor lid, reactor control room and reception area," according to the description of the set.
The manufacturer said the cell is based on its HOT cell design and relying on tunnel oxide passivating contact technology.
These isotopes are packaged in special containers at Studsvik's Hot Cell Laboratories in compliance with all current requirements.
The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) recently performed conceptual design of a demonstration-scale hot cell facility for pyroprocessing.
The scope will cover critical complex areas such as the hot cell, where irradiated components are dismantled and treated, and the Cryostat, at 3,850 tonnes the second largest highvacuum pressure chamber ever built.
The authors wish to make it clear that they had no role in the development of the software or hardware of the synthesizer nor in its installation in the hot cell, as described in Sections 1.6 and 1.7 of the paper.
Culham Apprentice Graduate Dominic Callaghan's award-winning project was to design a prototype 'Hot Cell Cut-off Machine' for the UK Atomic Energy Authority's Materials Research Facility (MRF).
Two tenders for the supply of scientific instruments for the Nuclear Safety Dept., also (b) a hot cell for the cyclotron.
The DRHS makes use of the remote handling transfer casks to allow safe transport of con-taminated/radioactive in-vessel components to and from the Hot Cell.
"These findings raise the question of whether Syria took natural uranium intended for a reactor at Dair Alzour and used a portion of it to perform cold-testing of reprocessing (for purpose of separating out plutonium) on a small scale at the hot cell facility," David Albright and Paul Brannan of the Institute for Science and International Security said in a commentary.
The ZHU0.2/Z2.5 is installed in a gas tight hot cell with 200 mm lead/500 mm lead glass shielding.
In October 2003 Iran revealed that it had conducted plutonium reprocessing experiments in a hot cell at the Tehran Nuclear Research Center and estimated the amount separated as 200 micrograms.