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McLuhan, Marshall

(Herbert Marshall McLuhan), 1911–80, Canadian communications theorist and educator, b. Edmonton, Alta. He taught at the Univ. of Toronto (1946–80) and at other institutions of higher education in Canada and the United States. McLuhan gained popularity and fame in the 1960s with his prophetic proposal that electronic media, especially television, were creating a "global village" in which "the medium is the message," i.e., the means of communications has a greater influence on people than the information itself. While many of the mass media were in early stages of development, McLuhan considered their effects on people to be potentially toxic and dehumanizing. His books include The Mechanical Bride (1951), The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), Understanding Media (1964), From Cliché to Archetype (1970, with W. Watson), and City as Classroom (1977, with K. Hutchon and E. McLuhan).


See biographies by W. T. Gordon (1997) and D. Coupland (2010).

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McLuhan divided media into cool media and hot media. This paper is interested in why he made such division and what he intended to reveal through such division.
McLuhan speculated that the new Cool Media would help revive old communitarian impulses and religious ritual associated with medieval Europe and the Catholic tradition as opposed to the rationalism and individualism that Protestantism and liberalism helped spread through the Hot Media. A fan of John Kennedy, who thrived at a time when television started exerting more influence on American politics, McLuhan would probably appreciate the instantaneous political rise of Palin.
When electricity allows for the simultaneity of all information for every human being, it is Lucifer's moment." Hot media indeed.
But in this case, metals are the hot media and, says Diaz, many artists are taking note.
"Hot Off The Press" highlights recently released books that are aimed at hot media issues and helping journalists improve their skills.
Bonds has 703 home runs going into the 2005 season, so he faces a challenging task to reach Aaron's total this year, but his pursuit, nonetheless, promises to be a hot media topic in the months ahead.
These include closely spaced read/write elements to support a 10-micron track width, very fine head gaps together with hot media to support high lineal density, and matching channel improvements.
Samantha has been hot media property since starring as a fantasy flatmate in comedy series Game On.
In a recent IBM presentation, at which Big Blue showed its own new web advertising technology Hot Media, which Narrative also supports, IBM acknowledged Narrative to be the leader in its field, which is testimony enough.
Sun Microsystems used the Internet to develop a core constituency for the Java programming language long before Java became a hot media buzzword.
These days, feminism's back, and acrimonious gender politics are a hot media topic.