Hot Cell

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hot cell

[′hät ‚sel]

Hot Cell


a chamber for working with strongly radioactive substances, such as irradiated fuel elements, sample materials, and the structural elements of the active core of a reactor. At atomic research centers and laboratories hot cells are used in reactor technology and for work connected with material studies and physical and technological research.

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With a small 8 x 12 inch footprint and only 18 inches high, the self-contained Centrifan PE requires little space and will fit in a hotcell.
Contract notice: Open Procedure Cyclotron, Hotcells, Switching system, Dispenser, Shielded Laminar Air Flow workbench (LAF)
The tender is the supply, erection, installation, commissioning and validation of 5 Hotcells to Rigshospitalet.
The offered Hotcells must be placed next to each other in the existing local (length x width x height: 6007 mm x 4174 mm x 2862 mm)
2 units Hotcells (side by side), one must be able to handle solid target, to Rigshospitalet well as options on two pieces of similar equipment.
A grant application has permitted WBIC to build a new GMP manufacturing facility, including a suite of new hotcells to accommodate a set of automated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing systems (Synthesisers).