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, people numbering about 55,000 mainly in Namibia and in W South Africa. The Khoikhoi have been called Hottentots by whites in South Africa. In language and in physical type the Khoikhoi appear to be related to the San (Bushmen), i.e.
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(self-designation, Khoi-Khoin, “the real people”), people living in the central and southern regions of Namibia (South West Africa; approximately 40,000 people, 1967) and in the Republic of South Africa (1,000 people). The people speak Hottentot languages, and many of them have a knowledge of Afrikaans. Most of the Hottentots are Protestants. The Hottentots and the Bushmen—the oldest inhabitants (nomadic livestock raisers) of South Africa—were driven back into the southwestern desert regions of the continent by the Bantu peoples (during their migration southward in Africa) and were exterminated to a considerable extent by the European colonizers from the 17th to the early 20th century. At the present time some of the Hottentots live on reservations and engage in livestock raising and farming; most work on farms and ranches of the Europeans and in the cities.

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Two small groups speak languages of the Khoisan family peculiar to the Bushman and Hottentot peoples.
Stow's work was tellingly subtitled: A History of the Intrusion of the Hottentots and the Bantus into the Hunting Grounds of the Bushmen, the Aborigines of the Country.
Zoological commodities like these follow in perspective the English abigail's characterization early in the novel of Lady Juliana's Scottish in-laws as "a set of Oaten-toads"--oat-eating toads of unknown provenance and hybridity, or small Hottentots in a dark but northern land.
They have been racing at Greyville since 1852, when the Hottentots, the local bushmen, were the jockeys.
Rauschenbush, though completely deaf, was a master of sarcasm: "We must not imagine that Christian Chinamen or Hottentots, if let alone, would proceed to elect a chairman and secretary, make motions, and put them to a vote according to Cushing's Manual.
The book is clearly organized and quite readable, my only wish being that Rawson had condensed the more than seventy pages devoted to European fascination with the "dangling breasts" and enormous bums of Hottentots.
And yes, we took their land from the Boers, who took it from the Bantu, who took it from the Hottentots and the Bushmen, who took it from .
Climatic theories of human diversity could not explain the inferior status of Hottentots and Australians, who lived in favourable climates, nor could they explain the disparity of Polynesians and Melanesians in the same climate.
It's based at the Erinvale Hotel, beneath the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland mountains in the Cape Winelands.
The Topnaar belong to the Nama ethnic group, of the Khoi-khoi people, known by the first European settlers as Hottentots because of the Nama 'click' language.
Throughout the eighteenth century, calling a fellow Briton a "Hottentot" was understood to be an insult, and writing satirical or straightforwardly serious warnings that the press, the government, or believers in a certain political or religious persuasion threatened to turn the nation into a land of Hottentots was also a commonplace way to express one's worry that British society was degenerating.