House of Artists

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House of Artists


in Moscow, an organization of the Moscow Division of the Artists’ Union of the RSFSR. Founded in 1949.

The primary task of the House of Artists is to implement the political enlightenment and cultural advancement of the masses, to hold exhibitions, and to raise the standards of the artists’ professional mastery, as well as to advertise the work of Moscow artists. The House of Artists organizes lectures and the reading of papers on problems of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, aesthetics, and other topics; meetings of artists with scientists and men of letters; and exhibitions of Moscow artists (one-man shows, group shows, and exhibits by all Moscow artists). It also works with viewers at exhibitions. Twenty-five studios are in operation at the House of Artists.

There are Houses of Artists in Yerevan (House of Arts), Kazan, and other cities.

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The Meet Qatar New-year charity fair had the second floor of the legendary Central House of Artists turned into a Qatari oasis bringing together traditions and contemporary spirit.
Azerbaijan's popular surrealist, Mehriban Efendi has presented her work at Visionary Art exhibition, which takes place in the Moscow House of Artists from March 27 to April 1.
The international project "Visionary Art Award" will be held in the historical center of Moscow, in one of the best exhibition venues in Moscow - in the "House of Artists of Moscow".
The culture city which includes a covered areas of 4,9 hectares, is composed of a large hall (1,800 places), a theater (700 places), an experimental theatre (300 places), a cinema complex, a house of artists, 3 exhibition halls and a library.
On the fifth day, Jeddawis went to Palestine street to see the Saudi colors exhibition at the house of artists. They also attended Shift, a new perspective at the Dama art gallery.
The 15th edition of Art Moscow (Central House of Artists; 21-25 September) noticeably raised its game in response to last year's launch of its more ambitiously international rival, Cosmoscow.
22 at Tehran's House of Artists, sitting next to fellow helmer, and friend, Abbas Kiarostami.
Viktor himself, of course, was not without his own identity, being a respected artist in his own right, sharing the platform with his father in a centenary exhibition at Moscow's Central House of Artists in 1990.
The jurors then met on May 7, 2003 from 8:30am to 1:00pm in the Clubroom of the Munich House of Artists. The jury did not quickly select the finalists, but instead extensively discussed each work.
The program was organized by the House of Artists in cooperation with the Jeddah Society for Culture and Arts.