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Amman, Dec 11 (Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II, on Monday, received Japanese House of Councillors President, Chuichi Date, who is currently visiting the Kingdom.
Seko is a Member of House of Councillors and has been the former Chairman of Committee on General Affairs of Diet [Parliament], and Actg.
July 1989 -- LDP loses in House of Councillors election.
They probably just think that advocating policies related to women and children would burnish their image" prior to the upcoming House of Councillors election, said Chikako Ninomiya, a 33-year-old resident of Tokyo's Suginami Ward who works for a publisher.
TOKYO - Former House of Councillors President Satsuki Eda will visit Beijing in late April to call for improving Japan-China ties during talks with several senior Chinese government officials, opposition party sources said Sunday.
Summary: The government has not yet set dates for the next elections (Communes, House of Councillors, Professional chambers), said on Monday Interior Minister Mohand Laenser.
According to the government's House of Councillors, the impetus for the current legislation to institute daylight savings time is to combat global warming--not to improve on the lifestyle matters that have motivated King.
The parties agreed the House of Councillors will vote on the bills at its plenary session next Wednesday following approval by the Committee on Land and Transport in the house Tuesday.
The move reflects the opposition's dissatisfaction with the administration's economic measures and the ruling camp's actions in parliament, such as its railroading a key package of bills through a House of Councillors committee last week.
Premier Ryutaro Hashimoto looks certain to resign after his Liberal Democratic Party won only 44 seats in the House of Councillors, 17 fewer than its target figure.
Kawamoto, a successful businessman and member of Japan's House of Councillors, envisions realityBUY.
The Liberal Democratic Party is planning to propose senior member Masaaki Yamazaki for the presidency of the House of Councillors after the ruling party won Sunday's upper house election, party lawmakers said Wednesday.