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THE revelations about members of the House of Lords who have been drawing large sums of money in return for little political effort on their part illustrates once again the absurdity of our Parliamentary system.
| No party would be allowed an absolute political majority and a minimum of 20% of seats would be reserved for independent crossbench Members, largely appointed by the House of Lords Appointment Commission.
"This report is an important step in ensuring we, the commission, and the House of Lords administration, can work together to achieve that goal.
"She hopes to soon be in a position where she can dedicate more of her time to working in the Lords alongside her charitable interests." There are nearly 800 peers in the House of Lords, with an average age of 69.
A House of Lords spokesman said: "Members of the house are not salaried but may claim a daily allowance on days they attend the House in order to support them in their parliamentary work.
However, the Crown normally acts on the advice of the Prime Minister and the powers of the House of Lords are limited to only delaying legislation; thus power is de facto vested in the House of Commons.
Many members of the House of Lords can claim PS300 a day for attending and, in my opinion, for basically doing very little - if anything.
Member of the delegation , Lord, Mohamed El-Sheikh, for his part, said in press statements that his meeting with the Assistant of the President was fruitful and that they exchanged views over challenges facing relations between the two countries and ways to overcome them, stressing the House of Lords work to establish firm relations with Sudan in political, economic, educational and cultural field.
the House of Lords to discuss with them horizons of cooperation
Mone's press office said she donates her House of Lords allowance to charity.
A freedom of information request revealed that more than 2100 afternoon teas at PS17 a head were purchased in the House of Lords over the last year.
A WREATH will be laid at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day for the first time which includes the logo of the House of Lords, thanks to a baroness from Kirklees.