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At another Public House of Worship, I entered and shouted loudly, "Henrik Larsson is mighty.
GE-l said he is pleased to visit the Alevi house of worship and "listened and took notes" when DE-zgE-n spoke.
"The House of Worship with its beautiful environment transmits a message on how to celebrate the differences existing in the society" Dr.
Completed in 1887, the Synagogue is the first great house of worship built in the United States by East European Jews.
What was going to be the foundation of my daughter's marriage--a religious ceremony at our church--is now a ceremony totally devoid of religion, celebrated at the Mormon house of worship. We asked our pastor if he would at least co-officiate the ceremony at the house of worship, and he declined.
Massachusetts' top court ruled March 9 that the government can't spend tax dollars to renovate the religious features of a house of worship.
SYDNEX Australia--On the fiftieth anniversary of Australia's Baha'i House of Worship, dignirtaries paid tribute to its contribution to the life of the community.
James' Church restoration, "we are delighted to have been a part of the tremendous effort to refurbish this landmark house of worship."
A house of worship or secular nonprofit could then use that money to promote a favored candidate from a pulpit, in a church bulletin, on a website or another vehicle.
NEW DELHI--Step onto a bus in Ottawa, Canada; open a magazine in Paris, France; or look upwards at Rimini's railway station in Italy--all around the world, India's Baha'i House of Worship is capturing the public's attention.