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the unwaged labour involved in maintaining the household and its members, such as cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. In most modern societies, this work is privatized and feminized. Housework is concerned with the physical rather than the emotional tasks of caring for family members. Women, assumed to be ‘natural’ CARE givers, typically undertake both roles. see DOMESTIC LABOUR.

What does it mean when you dream about housework?

Dreaming about housework can simply be a reflection of our everyday tasks. Otherwise, it can refer to “getting our house together,” or cleaning out the things that no longer serve us.

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a market leader and award-winning innovator in home appliances and digital convergence, introduces Make Your House Work for the Holidays.
Contract notice: Maintenance of buildings and noceens parisian sites eetablissement public health (eps) white house work.
Cellcom Wireless and Uptown Communication House work with Sierra Wireless to deliver the Voq Professional(TM) Phone to the Canadian market
Everyone can benefit from our analysis, from the elite athlete to office workers, manual laborers, and housewives doing ordinary daily house work.
The cost of sub contracting jobs has become expensive enough to apparently warrant the purchase of equipment to allow in house work and keep the cost of production down and consequently the price to the consumer.
The Serenity House works with VA specialists and other community agencies to provide residential and outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation.
But his house works out at pounds 1,273 for each of its 55,000sq.
But his house works out at almost EUR1,900 for each of its 55,000sq.