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READY TO PARTY: Imrie is desperate to host his own house-warming
Charlotte said, 'I'm going to have a massive house-warming party.
He added: "From what I could gather, the people that moved in hadn't been there very long and this was their house-warming party.
We're free for the house-warming when ever you like.
On a day of high emotion for Manchester City supporters, this was no ordinary house-warming party.
READING staged an impressive house-warming party for their new pounds 37 million home, but Luton turned up without their bottle.
Motherwell hit kid Lee McCulloch has been lined up to gatecrash Raith Rovers' house-warming party.
Ian's house-warming party provides her with the chance to sneak away with Craig - a lad with all the slippery charm of a pickled egg.
MITCHELL COLE wants to get settled in the Championship - af ter Joe Cole gave him a prized World Cup shirt as a house-warming present.
Dear Miriam Two weeks ago, I went to a neighbour's house-warming party with my partner.
Mr Blair who brought along a teapot and four mugs, plus deputy John Prescott, as a house-warming gift pledged to give 300,000 more people a "stake in society".
The R&B singer told 3am: "He gave me a gorgeous, black lacquer grand piano as a house-warming gift and for my wedding day he gave me a beautiful portrait of Billie Holiday.