Household Glassware

Glassware, Household


items made from colorless, crystal, or colored glass for household and institutional use. Household glassware comprises drinking glasses, other types of glass kitchenware and tableware, and artistic and decorative pieces. The principal components of the glass are SiO2, Na2O, K2O, CaO, and MgO. Coloring agents used in the production of colored glass include CuO, MnO, Co2O3, CdS, Cr2O3, Se, and the oxides of such rare-earth elements as cerium, neodymium, and praseodymium. PbO is present in crystal, where it constitutes not less than 24 percent by weight. Household glassware is formed by pressing and blowing. For decorative finishing, the glass is polished or is etched by acids.


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Central Java PT The First Jakarta PMDN Glassware 90,000 National Glassware Ltd PT Kedaung Jakarta PMDN Glassware 93,000 Industrial Ltd PT Pasir Sari Jakarta PMDN Glass 36,000 Raya Industri tableware PT Opal Indah Jakarta PMDN Glassware 15,000 Glass Industrial Others 275,400 Total 1,032,000 BUMN=state owned; PMDN=Domestic investment Source: Department of Industry and Trade/Data Consult Table - 2 Production of bottle glass and household glassware, 1996 - 2000 (Tons) Year bottle Growth Household Growth glass (%) glassware (%) 1996 173,846 -- 449,525 -- 1997 202,936 16.
The Toy Building North will offer products with a strong international presence; nine companies from Italy will be showcasing decorative and household glassware, porcelain and ceramics.
which manufactures bakeware, beverageware, tabletop and household glassware, will produce Mainstays Canning Jars for Walmart in its Monaca, Pa.
Zibo Honghan Trading, Shandong Hanban Household Glassware, Zibo Unishine, XinHe Commerce and Trade Refco Group, Hebel Kalifa Glassware, AVIC International Holding CITIC International, Chinatex, China National Township, Sinosteel Raw Materials, Sinochem, Guangdong and Sinochem Plastics.
Some examples include household glassware, men's and women's apparel, footwear and leather goods.
Vallien was recruited to work under the legendary Kosta Boda glasshouse, where he applied his sandcasting technique to household glassware, providing the basis for the entire Swedish glass industry.
John Walsh Walsh died in 1864, but his firm's elegant flower holders, lampshades, drinking glasses, decanters, and other high class decorative household glassware, made a strong impact on the British market until the intervention of the Second World War.

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