lawn mower

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lawn mower

a hand-operated or power-operated machine with rotary blades for cutting grass on lawns

Lawn Mower


a machine designed to mow lawns. There are manual mowers and mechanized mowers either of the reel type or with a rotating blade. The USSR produces mechanized mowers with a rotating blade because they are more productive and simpler in construction than the reel type and can cut down coarse grasses. A one-cylinder gasoline engine with 0.9 kV (1.25 hp) runs the mower. As the rotor turns, the hinged blades cut, fragment, and throw the grass through openings in the frame to the areas already mowed. A mower can mow 0.12 hectares per hour. One worker is needed to run a lawn mower.


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Instead of a hover mower, they had been sent a Dyson hoover.
If you have a hover mower and you've already started your 2007 season, I hope your lawn dies.
Hover mowers used to be notoriously inefficient at collecting trimmings which, when allowed to drop on the soil, caused moss to develop because of the shady conditions they made.
THIS 1150- watt hover mower with four cutting heights is great value for money.
It's a bit like using a electric hover mower on the garden lawn - just push it forward nice and gently, keeping the electric cable safely tucked over your shoulder.
Light and easy mowing is guaranteed with this 12-inch hover mower and the generous handle movement is a great advantage on uneven slopes or banks.
If the mixture doesn't contain ryegrass, the lawn will be much more delicate and won't take kindly to being roughed up with a hover mower.
PRIZE NUMBER 1 is the Flymo Vision Compact 330 hover mower with the ingenious Easi-Reel system.
As Victoria Wood quipped, since the invention of the hover mower and sperm bank, men are redundant.
Use a rotary mower for an uneven utility lawn, a cylinder mower for fine turf and a hover mower for a lawn with slopes and difficult areas to reach.
This is middle of the range hover mower which looks up to the Turbo compact 380 with a 38cm blade and looks down on the 30 and 300 plus with their 20 cm blades.
But eventually the Thistle chief was persuaded that Firhill WAS getting the once- over with a hover mower.