Howard, Ebenezer

Howard, Ebenezer


Born Jan. 29, 1850, in London; died May 1, 1928, in Welwyn Garden City. English urban planner and sociologist.

Howard lived in New York from 1872 to 1877, at which time he settled in London. Influenced by the social-utopian ideas of R. W. Emerson and E. Bellamy, he proposed the creation of garden cities and initiated the construction of the first such cities in Letchworth (1902–03) and Welwyn Garden City (1920). In 1899 he founded the Garden City Association.


To-Morrow. London, 1898.
Garden Cities of To-Morrow. London, 1902.
In Russian translation:
Howard, E. Goroda budushchego. St. Petersburg, 1911.


Macfadyen, D. Sir Ebenezer Howard and the Town Planning Movement. Cambridge [1970].
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