Howitzer Cannon

Howitzer Cannon


an artillery gun that combines the properties of two types of guns, the howitzer and the cannon. It is part of the troop artillery (called field artillery in foreign armies).

The howitzer cannon has a caliber of 90 mm and higher. The cannon has a barrel length of from 25 to 40 calibers and uses a multisectional charge; the initial shell velocity is 550-700 m/sec, the range of fire is from 15 to 20 km, and the rate of fire is from three to five rounds per minute. Most modern howitzer cannons are self-propelled; the old systems have mechanical traction. With the use of small charges a howitzer cannon can fire at an angle of elevation of up to 65° and can perform as a howitzer. With bigger charges a howitzer cannon has the capability of a cannon.

The first howitzer cannons were tested in Germany in 1915. After World War I (1914-18) they also appeared in armies of other countries (the Netherlands, France, the USA, the USSR); they were widely used in World War II (1939-45). In the Soviet army during the Great Patriotic War (1941-45), towed and self-propelled 152-mm howitzer cannons of the 1937 model were used. The further development of the howitzer cannon aims at creating a similar type of gun with a more powerful charge and a greater range of fire.


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2000 -- A celebration was held at Shuwaikh Port marking arrival of the Chinese 155-mm Howitzer cannon and its accessories to the country.
NAJIA HOUSSARI | Special to Arab News In this June 19, 2016 photo, Lebanese army soldiers work on a 130mm howitzer cannon, pointed at areas controlled by Daesh militants near Arsal, in northeast Lebanon.
7 Unlucky to see howitzer cannon off the crossbar JONAS GUTIERREZ .
A truck carrying more veterans followed, pulling a 105mm Howitzer cannon on wheels.
The pair came together when Milligan accidentally allowed a howitzer cannon to fall down a cliff, at the foot of which Harry Secombe was sitting.
28 for the contract to supply 8,588 rounds of 105mm Howitzer cannon shells.
The Royal Marine Cadets will build a Drumhead for a service of remembrance taking place in front of the park's Howitzer Cannon while two spitfires from The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will honour the occasion with a fly past during the afternoon.
Activities include the firing of a Howitzer cannon, fiesta dancers, tours, children's activities and more.
The design of the brake was inspired by World War I howitzer cannons, and it's been scaled-down for use on the KSG.
According to the report, the Turkish army's Howitzer cannons and tanks entered Kilis region at border with Syria in a military column along with six trucks, adding that the cannons were to de deployed near Afrin region.
That seems to be what happened last week in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, where President Duterte was accorded arrival honors reserved for world leaders that the Chinese Communist Party holds in the highest regard: a 21-gun salute fired by Howitzer cannons in Tiananmen Square while the Philippine national anthem played, a review of goose-stepping honor guards of the People's Liberation Army's ground, air and naval troops, and a crowd of children waving flowers and flaglets.