Hrabanus Maurus

Hrabanus Maurus:

see Rabanus Maurus MagnentiusRabanus Maurus Magnentius
, c.780–856, German scholar and theologian. His name appears also as Hrabanus and Rhabanus. A student under Alcuin, he was later abbot of Fulda (822–42); his zeal for learning and his excellent administration made the school and library at
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The first part is an overpowering setting of the 9th-century Pentecost hymn, Veni Creator Spiritus, attributed to Hrabanus Maurus (c.
Los textos posteriores son deudores de esta obra, como el De rerum naturis, de Hrabanus Maurus, el De natura rerum, de Beda, o el Imago Mundi de Honorius Augustodunensis.
Paul, Augustine of Hippo, Alcuin of York, and Alcuin's student Hrabanus Maurus as the authors most influential on Hrotsvit's thinking about spirituality, i.
Mayke De Jong takes a long-overdue look at a group of Hrabanus Maurus's treatises and, while illuminating everything from the crisis of 840 to the logic of multiple dedications, reminded the reviewer why Hrabanus Maurus is the only Carolingian ecclesiastic that he actually likes.
It seems that Byrhtferth of Ramsey, sometime pupil of Abbo of Fleury, was unique in the England of AEthelred the Unready, 'the one Anglo-Saxon scholar of his time who was in any sense au fait with the learning of contemporary continental schools', as witnessed by his use of the De computo of Hrabanus Maurus, whom he refers to by name in ii.
55) or translate Hrabanus Maurus, abbot of Fulda, to Corbie (p.
Lisi Oliver and Maria Mahoney examine works on physical anatomy by St Ambrose (Hexaemeron) and Hrabanus Maurus (De Universo Libri).
The In honorem crucis, twenty-eight carmina figurata, which Hrabanus Maurus composed at Fulda (ca.