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see RolloRollo
or Hrolf
, c.860–c.932, first duke of Normandy. As leader of the Norman pirates settled at the mouth of the Seine, he attacked (910) Paris and Chartres.
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As a boy, I poorly understood the mechanics of a glass eye: I believed for some time that his prosthetic "worked," and therefore in my estimation Hrolf was at least part machine.
After Munich, we travelled to see Uncle Hrolf, still in Konstanz.
The central family myth about Hrolf Kramm is that he used his rank and position on the border with Switzerland to help Jewish families escape Germany.
This is something I understood implicitly when I insisted that all there was to know about my great uncle Hrolf was contained inside his glass eye.
Had Hrolf, during the war and because of it, suffered the guilt of Oedipus?
Har enn harogreipi, Har el de duro puno, Hrolfr skjotandi, Hrolf el arquero, attum gooir menn, hombres de buen linaje beir's ekki flyja, que nunca huyen, vekka yor at vini no os llamo al vino, ne at vifs runum, ni a secretas conversaciones con mujeres, heldr vek ek yor at horoum sino que os despierto al duro Hildar leiki.
But today Hrolf,from Wallasey,is bringing joy to thousands by providing real life Viking entertainment.
This is something Hrolf,43,from Wallasey has been doing for the last 10 years.
But it was purely by a stroke of luck that Hrolf became involved in such a major way.
Hrolf, together with his family, is a member of the Wirral branch of Regia Anglorum -Kingdoms of English.
Hrolf adds: ``We take the starting point as 902 which is when the Vikings from Dublin first arrived in Wirral -precisely where,no-one knows.