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In the lumber industry, abbr. for heart.
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MHRA Drug Safety Update on further information about Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
For the first time it differentiates between different forms of HRT, with oestrogen vaginal cream no risk at all.
Doctors are also reporting that HRT medication is becoming difficult to prescribe due to the shortages.
Be reassured; the overall medical view on HRT is that it's safe and effective.
HRT holding is translatable into control of computing power.
She said: "As a female GP in my mid-40s, I see many women with menopausal symptoms whose lives are being made miserable, but they're afraid to take HRT.
"Our research shows that some previous studies are likely to have underestimated the risk of breast cancer with combined estrogen-progestogen HRT," Anthony Swerdlow, study leader and professor of epidemiology at the ICR, said ( in a statement.
The initial data from the WHI trial showed a 37 percent reduction in colon cancer and a 34 percent decrease in hip fractures in HRT users; however, it also revealed a 26 percent increase in invasive breast cancer, a 29 percent increase in heart attacks, and a 41 percent increase in strokes.
According to a recent HRT study, there is not only a rapid growth in employer demand to automate their HR, but the types of technology solutions they are looking for is shifting.