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river, China: see XiangXiang
or Siang
, river, 715 mi (1,151 km) long, rising in NE Guangxi prov. and flowing N through Hunan prov. to Dongting Lake, SE China. The river is navigable to large vessels for most of its course; Changsha is the largest city and major port.
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, Hsiang, Siang
1. a river in SE central China, rising in NE Guangxi Zhuang and flowing northeast and north to Dongting Lake. Length: about 1150 km (715 miles)
2. a river in S China, rising in SE Y?nnan and flowing generally east to the Hongxiu (the upper course of the Xi River). Length: about 800 km (500 miles)
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Indeed, Hsiang points to studies done in the early 20th century on the optimum temperatures for factory workers and soldiers.
For the United States and other countries already at or above that temperature, every degree slows productivity, Burke and Hsiang said.
In one study, police officers in a psychology experiment were more likely to choose to shoot someone in a lab simulation when the room temperature was hotter, Hsiang said.
Besides this story, the Kuan-tzu contains some verses in which Duke Hsiang of Ch'i is depicted in an equally negative way.
The new photodetector is ready for commercialization, says Hsiang.
Kopp and Hsiang identify four high-risk sectors--agriculture, construction, utilities, and manufacturing-that together account for about a quarter of the U.
Lee Hsiang Liow of the University of Oslo and Mikael Fortelius of the University of Helsinki - claimed that the ability of such "sleep-or-hide" animals to buffer themselves from changing environments may help them avoid extinction.
The hills are alive with the sound of skating: Curtis Hsiang (dead), Ruben Orkin (dead), and Blake Von Knopka (living) commence to ripping in the Berkeley Hills
Frozen Radish Cake is available from Chen Hsiang Foods Industrial Co.
The import of this is puzzling until we read the introduction to the "Table by Years of the Six States," where Ssu-ma Ch'ien observes that when Duke Hsiang of Ch'in was first enfeoffed he built the Western Altar, which he used to serve Shang-ti.
The MGGA worked closely with the CEO of Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, Wen Tien Hsiang, to produce the ceremony.
A few years later, Hsiang and his colleagues at Berkeley and Stanford analyzed the growing-literature on climate and conflict and found a consistent result in 60 research papers: rising temperatures and changes in precipitation patterns increased the risk of conflicts.