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(World-Wide Web)
(Hypertext transfer protocol daemon).

An HTTP/1.0-compatible server, written by Rob McCool <> of NCSA, for making hypertext and other documents available to World-Wide Web browsers.

HTTPd is designed to be small and fast and to work with most HTTP/0.9 and HTTP/1.0 browsers. You can customise your server to execute searches and handle HTML forms. It also supports server side include files, allowing you to include the output of commands or other files in HTML documents.

The current (1994-08-08) version is 1.3.

E-mail: <>.


(HTTP Daemon) A Web server (HTTP server) available from the NCSA for various versions of Unix. Developed at CERN, httpd was the first Web server. Along with the Mosaic browser, httpd and Mosaic provided the first graphical client/server interaction on the Web. See NCSA and Apache.
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Denny's HTTPD is for Windows, not Unix, and is a bit harder to install than the WSK.
At various points in Apache's history, the httpd project faced chasms that could not be crossed by the small steps of collaborative design, but required heroic individual leaps to push it forward.
The WSO2 Identity Solution also works closely with existing websites, including those built on the market-leading Apache HTTPD and Tomcat servers, as well as many PHP, LAMP, and J2EE servers.
In addition, JBoss today introduced support services for Tomcat/Apache httpd server integration, a technical challenge for many JBoss Application Server customers deploying applications into production.
With his valuable background, Turk will work closely with the Tomcat development team at JBoss, led by Tomcat lead developer Remy Maucherat, to improve integration of the Tomcat servlet engine and the Apache httpd web server.
NET module for Apache, which was previously proprietary, has been accepted by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for consideration as a new subproject of the Apache httpd Server project.