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(hwäng`shän`), formerly




(both: to͝on`chē`), city (1994 est. pop. 118,200), SE Anhui prov., China. It is a light-industrial center in a major tea-growing region.
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Axalta Huajia Coatings, a joint-venture of leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, Axalta Coating Systems and Huangshan Yongjia Group Co.
HCH, Located in Anqing, a famous city with historical civilization (beautiful landscape and convenient traffic which abuts on Mount HuangShan (the world famous scenic spot) and Jiuhua Mountain (the famous shrine of Buddhism), was founded in 1988 and had become a well-known corporation which has 110000[m.
YN rhinwedd fy ngwaith fel cantores rwyf wedi bod yn ddigon ffodus i fod wedi gweld rhai o fannau mwyaf godidog y byd: mynyddoedd hardd y Blue Ridge Mountains yn Virginia; tiroedd gwyllt y Navajo yn New Mexico, mynyddoedd Huangshan yn nhalaith Anhui yn China; prysurdeb afieithus Hanoi, prifddinas Vietnam sydd a'i phrydferthwch unigryw ei hun; heb son am lecynnau prydferthaf Cymru fach.
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When the artist Li Keran [1907-89] did a painting of the landscape of Huangshan, he stated on the work: "I write the meaning (of this), not the (mere) visual reality.
Breathtaking landscapes and geo parks have made Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in southern Anhui Province, eastern China, a hub for nature lovers and adventurers.
In Anhui, officials temporarily closed access to the Huangshan mountain range.
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Approximately 3,300 players from 55 countries participated in the championship, which took place in Huangshan, a city in China's Anhui Province.
However, they are reportedly facing a challenge from bitter rival Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain Range in southern Anhui province, in eastern China, which has claimed that it was the true source of the film.
The swarm had taken over while the students from Huangshan had been out attending job interviews.