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(hwäng`shän`), formerly




(both: to͝on`chē`), city (1994 est. pop. 118,200), SE Anhui prov., China. It is a light-industrial center in a major tea-growing region.
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The building is designed in the traditional Chinese Hui-style architecture, a design seen in Anhui, an eastern Chinese province known for its Huangshan Mountains, which is a famous tourist place in China.
Chongqing Water Turbine Co Ltd has placed the order for the Huangshan Dragon hydropower station renovation project in Vietnam.
A total of 800 chickens (400 Huangshan black chickens and 400 Huainan partridge chickens) of similar age and weight were evaluated in the present study.
In the run-up to the show, a group of artists eagerly positioning themselves as the avant-garde had decided to organize the Huangshan Conference, the third in a series of similar gatherings.
The evaluation and optimizing analysis about Tourism industrial structure of Huangshan province.
23 August 2016 - Chinese road construction company Zhejiang Expressway Co Ltd has entered into the agreement with Chinese highway operator Huangshan Travel under which the company agreed to acquire and Huangshan Travel agreed to dispose of the entire equity interest in Huihang Expressway at a consideration of RMB 570m (USD 85.
Liu, "An Anti-blocking Scheme with Spatial Reuse for mmWave Wireless Networks," Wireless Communications & Signal Processing (WCSP), Huangshan, 2012.
Roadway Length (m) Number of lanes Aoti 3100 6 Mengdu 3550 8 Xinglong 3670 4 Yingtian 3800 8 Jiqingmen 4000 6 Hudong 1000 4 Shuiximen 410 8 Hanzhongmen 1820 4 Qingliangmen 1400 4 Xiangjiang 980 4 Longyuannan 790 4 Caochangmen 1700 6 Yangzijiang 6050 8 Leshan 2000 4 Yanshan 4020 6 Jiangdong 6600 8 Lushan 3830 6 Huangshan 3900 6 Taishan 4000 4 Qingjiang 1900 6 Lijiang 930 4 Zhanjiang 2220 4 Longyuanzhong 800 2 Longyuandong 750 2
Axalta Huajia Coatings, a joint-venture of leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, Axalta Coating Systems and Huangshan Yongjia Group Co.
HCH, Located in Anqing, a famous city with historical civilization (beautiful landscape and convenient traffic which abuts on Mount HuangShan (the world famous scenic spot) and Jiuhua Mountain (the famous shrine of Buddhism), was founded in 1988 and had become a well-known corporation which has 110000[m.
YN rhinwedd fy ngwaith fel cantores rwyf wedi bod yn ddigon ffodus i fod wedi gweld rhai o fannau mwyaf godidog y byd: mynyddoedd hardd y Blue Ridge Mountains yn Virginia; tiroedd gwyllt y Navajo yn New Mexico, mynyddoedd Huangshan yn nhalaith Anhui yn China; prysurdeb afieithus Hanoi, prifddinas Vietnam sydd a'i phrydferthwch unigryw ei hun; heb son am lecynnau prydferthaf Cymru fach.