Scarborough Shoal

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Scarborough Shoal,

lagoon and reefs, South China Sea, c.135 mi (220 km) W of Luzon, the Philippines. Claimed by China, the Philippines, and Taiwan, it is called Huangyan Island by China and Panatag Shoal by the Philippines. The surrounding waters have rich fishing grounds, and the seabed is believed to hold substantial mineral resources, including petroleum and natural gas. Numerous Chinese fishermen were arrested there by the Philippines, and the area was the site of a naval standoff between China and the Philippines in May, 2012. Since then, China has maintained control of the area. In 2016 the Hague Tribunal ruled that China's claims to the South China Sea and Scarborough Shoal were not justified, and the Philippine rights in the area had been violated. It also ruled that the shoal did not meet the criteria that would permit the claiming of a exclusive economic zone.
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Likewise, she said it was the Philippines who actually "harassed" China's fishing boats and fishermen undertaking normal fishing activities in waters off China's Huangyan Dao (Chinese name for Scarborough Shoal) with military vessels in 2012.
2) A good example of this is what is happening to Huangyan Dao (also known as Democracy or Scarborough Island), which is part of the Zhongsha Island Group (Macclesfield Bank).
Thus, in February 1999, Taiwan made its baselines with reference to Huangyan Dao known, and it has deposited the relevant maps and coordinates with the United Nations.
Dieter Heinzig does not include Huangyan Dao as part of the Zhongsha Island Group, as likewise the British Admiralty Chart no.