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For the film, the producer toured sacred sites, artisan villages, and diverse ecosystems of Huascaran National Park and quickly understood because the place has so many myths and legends, being a small mortal at
"La experiencia del Instituto de Montana en la implementacion de proyectos participativos en la Reserva de Biosfera Huascaran, Peru".
Those experiments curb glacial retreat on a small scale, but cannot bring ice blocks like Pastoruri back from the brink, said Selwyn Valverde with the Huascaran National Park, home to Pastoruri and more than 700 other shrinking Peruvian glaciers.
A partir del ano 2000, el Ministerio de Educacion implemento el Plan Huascaran con el objetivo de proporcionar recursos tecnologicos e informaticos y acceso a Internet a los centros educativos.
These included the creation of the National Institute for Teleducation in the 1970s; the establishment of a computer-oriented distancelearning office specifically tasked with increasing access to quality education; and the launching of Plan Huascaran, a more conventional initiative undertaken during Alejandro Toledo's presidency.
In response, Huascaran National Park is creating a "Climate Change Tour" for tourists, complete with placards and walking trails.