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volcano, 15,912 ft (4,850 m) high, Moquegua region, S Peru, in the central AndesAndes
, mountain system, more than 5,000 mi (8,000 km) long, W South America. The ranges run generally parallel to the Pacific coast and extend from Tierra del Fuego northward, across the equator, as the backbone of the entire continent.
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. A stratovolcano, it lies on the W rim of the Río Tambo canyon and has several ash cones within its crater. On Feb. 19, 1600, it erupted catastrophically, with severe local and global consequences. Pyroclastic flows, mudflows, and ashfall from the volcano destroyed villages, damaged Arequipa and Moquegua, killed some 1,500 persons, and adversely affected the regional economy for decades. The sulfur dioxide released into the atmosphere formed sulfuric acid droplets, which prevented significant quantities of sunlight from reaching the earth's surface. The global cooling that resulted led to extremely cold winters in the Northern Hemisphere during the next two years, and from 1601 to 1603 Russia suffered the worst famine in its history.
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Sigo pensando, por ejemplo, que los reversos de varios dibujos pegados, como los tres primeros (el paisaje, el escudo mercedario y la aclla arrodillada) o aquel que describe a la ciudad de Arequipa en medio de la erupcion del volcan Huaynaputina, pueden esconder informaciones muy valiosas sobre los estadios de construccion de la cronica.
Historicamente, la actividad mas fuerte documentada fue la asociada con la erupcion del volcan Huaynaputina en 1660.
This cist was looted in antiquity prior to the eruption of the Huaynaputina Volcano in 1600 AD (see de Silva et al.
Now, however, analyses by Verosub and colleague Jake Lippman suggest a connection between the 1600 eruption of Huaynaputina, a little-known peak in Peru, and one of the greatest famines ever to strike Russia.