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(ho͞od), a pre-Qur'anic prophet of Islam. Hud unsuccessfully exhorted his South Arabian people, the Ad, to worship the One God. The Qur'an mentions that their incredulity was punished by a decimating "sterilizing wind" (ar-rih al-aqim). While some traditions support the etymological identification of Hud with the biblical Heber, other accounts represent him as a southern Arabian merchant. Several sites are revered as Hud's tomb, the most notable being in Yemen. Hud is also linked to monuments in Mecca and Damascus.


See R. B. Serjeant, Hud and Other Pre-Islamic Prophets of Hadramawt (1954).


Acronym for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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Upon completion of the bridge loan refinancing, the company plans to use additional HUD guaranteed mortgages to refinance the 20 Revera properties, the facility buybacks with its REIT partners and other transactions.
Aviation industry is a saturated market for HUD and hence estimated to have a very slow growth; whereas HUDs are new to the automotive industry and expected to witness good growth over the next five years.
All HUD webcasts, including previously aired programs, are also broadcast at the website www.
We are disappointed that HUD did not coordinate more closely with the Federal Reserve as the Fed implements its own improvements under TILA," said Courson.
Recommendation: In order to better promote green building practices, the Secretary of HUD should direct the appropriate program offices to ensure that updates to handbooks are regularly completed in a timely fashion to provide more current guidance on energy-efficient and other green building practices.
HUD spokesman Sullivan is quick to point out that with a budget hovering around $30 billion HUD commits substantial resources each year to its various housing and community development programs.
HUD believes these policies were developed to help Fannie Mae reinforce its public image as a low-risk company, and to enable senior management to meet performance expectations and therefore earn full performance bonuses.
The California Missions Preservation Act does not contain a prohibition such as the one found in the new HUD regulation.
s CDCs and the larger HUD context in which they operate offer some important lessons on the limits of government-and why government ought to stay limited:
These grants go to local and state governments, nonprofit and faith-based organizations, veterans' service organizations, public housing agencies, Indian tribes, and others to carry out a variety of HUD community and economic development programs.
A second reason for reluctance to significantly expand Section 202 is the personal ideology of newly confirmed HUD Secretary Mel Martinez.