Hugh Clapperton

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Hugh Clapperton
BirthplaceAnnan, Dumfriesshire
Known for Exploration

Clapperton, Hugh


Born May 18, 1788, in Annan, Scotland; died Apr. 13, 1827, near Sokoto. English explorer of Africa.

Together with the English travelers W. Oudney and D. Denham, Clapperton crossed the Sahara from Tripoli to Lake Chad (along 15° E long.) in 1822–23, reaching Sokoto. The journey established that the Niger River is not connected with Lake Chad. Returning in 1824, he recrossed the Sahara. In 1825 Clapperton traveled to Sokoto from Lagos on the Gulf of Guinea.

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Another unsung hero of early African exploration was Hugh Clapperton.
Hugh Clapperton into the interior of Africa; records of the second expedition, 1825-1827.
Hugh Clapperton, a Scottish explorer and diplomat, made two expeditions into West Africa, the first across the Sahara Desert in 1822-24 and the second inland from the Bight of Benin in 1825-27.