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Willoughby, Hugh


Date of birth unknown; died 1554 on the Kola Peninsula, at the mouth of the Varzina River. English polar navigator.

In 1553, Willoughby was given command of an expedition organized by London merchants to search for the Northwest Passage. On May 10 he set sail from London with three ships. After crossing the North Sea, the expedition headed north along the coast of Norway. On August 3, however, at 70° N lat., the ships became separated during a storm. The two commanded by Willoughby and C. Durfoorth, after rounding the tip of Norway, reached Novaia Zemlia, turned around, and on September 14 anchored for the winter at the mouth of the Varzina River on the Kola Peninsula. During the course of the winter, Willoughby and all his companions perished. Meanwhile, the third ship, under the command of R. Chancellor, succeeded in reaching the mouth of the Severnaia Dvina River.


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Along with the likes of Hugh Willoughby, Stephen Borough and Richard Chancellor, who journeyed to Russia a few years earlier, Jenkinson deserves to be better known.
The Willoughbys and the Cliftons had ancient family connections: Hugh Willoughby had married Isabel (d.
Hugh Willoughby, a Florida International University hurricane expert and former research meteorologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is especially skeptical -- to put it mildly.
Mientras algunos investigadores como Kerry Emmanuel y Meter Webster consideran que el clima mas calido propicia la formacion de los huracanes, otros expertos, como Hugh Willoughby, de la Universidad Internacional de Florida y director de la Division para Investigacion en Huracanes de la Administracion Nacional del Oceano y la Atmosfera, consideran que el aumento de la temperatura no es un factor determinante.
In a very short time, Otto Sverdrup, Otto Schmidt, Benjamin Leigh Smith, Ernest Shackleton, Fridjof Nansen, Eduard von Toll, Hugh Willoughby, and many others pass by to give this part of the book what I consider an unnecessary historical context.
Hugh Willoughby, a cloud physicist formerly with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has seen Cordani's idea but says there is a long way to go--and much science to prove before he is convinced it could work.
Something like this was pretty much inevitable," says Hugh Willoughby, a hurricane researcher at Florida International University in Miami.
ON MAY 10TH, 1553, IN THE FINAL WEEKS of the brief reign of Edward VI, Hugh Willoughby, gentleman, and Richard Chancellor, a sea captain, sailed north-east from London, bent on the 'Discovery of Regions, Dominions, Islands and Places unknown'.
In the novel, retired British Captain Hugh Willoughby decides to build on frontier land granted to him for his service in the French and Indian Wars.
13, says Hugh Willoughby of the Hurricane Research Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Miami.