Hugh the Great

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Hugh the Great,

d. 956, French duke; son of King Robert IRobert I,
c.865–923, French king (922–23), son of Count Robert the Strong and younger brother of King Eudes. He inherited from Eudes the territory between the Seine and the Loire rivers.
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 and father of Hugh CapetHugh Capet
, c.938–996, king of France (987–96), first of the Capetians. He was the son of Hugh the Great, to whose vast territories he succeeded in 956. After the death of Louis V, last Carolingian king of France, the nobles and prelates elected him king, setting
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. Excluded from the succession on his father's death by his brother-in-law RaoulRaoul
, d. 936, duke of Burgundy, king of France (923–36). Elected king to succeed his father-in-law, Robert I, Raoul fought the Normans and the Hungarians, who repeatedly invaded France.
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, he supported the candidacy of Louis IVLouis IV
or Louis d'Outremer
[Fr.,=Louis from overseas], 921–54, French king (936–54), son of King Charles III (Charles the Simple). He spent his youth as an exile in England, but at the death of King Raoul he was recalled by the nobles under the leadership
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, the Carolingian heir, after Raoul's death (936). Hugh hoped to rule through this weak king who had been raised in England. Louis IV attempted to increase his strength, however, and his reign was marked by warfare between king and vassal, in which Hugh, excommunicated (948) at the insistence of Louis, was forced to submit (950). Although Hugh never held the title of king, his vast possessions made him the virtual ruler of France.
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The baby's mother was an English princess, Eadgifu, a daughter of Edward the Elder of Wessex and sister of his successor, Athelstan, Another of Athelstan's sisters, Eadhild, was married to Hugh the Great, Duke of the Franks and Count of Paris, who dominated most of the area between the Seine and the Loire.
Raoul of Burgundy died in 936 and Hugh the Great took the lead in bringing Louis back from England, aged around fifteen, apparently in the hope that he would make a useful puppet.
Born the son of King Louis IV d'Outremer and his wife, Gerberga, sister of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I (941); following his father's death (September 10, 954) he was elected King without opposition (November 12), but his regime was dominated first by Hugh the Great, Count of Paris, and after Hugh's death (956) by Archbishop Bruno of Cologne, brother of Otto I; Bruno fostered Otto's policy of maintaining a balance of power between the Carolingian rulers and their rivals, and he also persuaded Lothair to give Burgundy to Hugh the Great's son, Otto, instead of annexing it; forced to attend a council of Emperor Otto I at Cologne (June 965); married Otto's daughter Emma later that year; his freedom of action increased greatly after Bruno's death (December?