Hugo Hildebrand-Hildebrandsson

Hildebrand-Hildebrandsson, Hugo


Born Aug. 19, 1838, in Stockholm; died July 29, 1925, in Uppsala. Swedish meteorologist. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

From 1878 to 1906, Hildebrand-Hildebrandsson was the director of the observatory at the University of Uppsala and a professor at the university. His main works dealt with atmospheric general circulation and the interrelationship of individual centers of action.

Hildebrand-Hildebrandsson carried out cloud observations to study air currents at different altitudes. Together with L. Teis-serenc de Bort, he organized studies of the upper layers of the atmosphere by means of sounding balloons in Denmark and Sweden. Hildebrand-Hildebrandsson was one of the compilers of the International Cloud Atlas (1896), which was the first work of its kind.


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