Hugo Winckler

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Winckler, Hugo


Born July 4, 1863, in Gräfenhainichen; died Apr. 19, 1913, in Berlin. German Assyriologist and archaeologist. Founder of the German Near East Society.

Winckler studied and published many cuneiform texts (diplomatic correspondence from Tell el-Amarna, chronicles of Sargon II, and other texts). During the archaeological excavations at Boghaz Kale (Turkey) in 1906-07, he discovered the palaces and fortifications of the Hittite capital Hattusas (Hattushash) and the archives of the Hittite kings. Winckler’s historical views are distinguished by extreme idealism and subjectivity. He and F. Delitzsch were the founders of panBabylonianism, a reactionary trend in Oriental studies.


Altorientalische Forschungen, series 1-3. Leipzig, 1893-1906.
Geschichte Babyloniens und Assyriens. Leipzig, 1892.
Vorderasien im 2 Jahrtausend auf Grund der archivalen Studien. Leipzig, 1913.
In Russian translation:
Vavilonskaia kul’tura v ee otnoshenii k kul’turnomu razvitiiu chelovechestva. Moscow, 1913.


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20: The evidence that already in 1907 Hugo Winckler, first excavator and epigrapher of Bogazkoy, recognized the Indo-European character of the Hittite language lends additional poignancy to his early death in 1913.