Hugo von Mohl

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Mohl, Hugo von


Born Apr. 8, 1805, in Stuttgart; died Apr. 1, 1872, in Tübingen. German botanist, one of the founders of plant cytology.

Mohl was a professor at universities in Bern (1832–35) and Tübingen (1835–72). Between 1844 and 1846 he discovered and named protoplasm and offered a hypothesis concerning its role in cell life. He described cell division, the development of cell membranes, and the structure of many plant organs. Mohl proposed a classification of plant tissues and proved the cellular origin of the vessels of the conducting system. He also observed the formation of starch in chloroplasts. He founded the journal Botanische Zeitung in 1843.


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A German botanist, Hugo von Mohl (1805-1872), studied plant cells assiduously.