Huguenot Wars

Huguenot Wars:

see Religion, Wars ofReligion, Wars of,
1562–98, series of civil wars in France, also known as the Huguenot Wars.

The immediate issue was the French Protestants' struggle for freedom of worship and the right of establishment (see Huguenots).
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Principal wars: Huguenot Wars (1562-1598); Huguenot Revolt (1625-1629); Savoyard War (1628-1630); Thirty Years' War (1618-1648).
Principal wars: Huguenot Wars (1625-1629); Thirty Years' War (1618-1648).
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Principal wars: Second (1567-1568), Third (1568-1570), Fourth (1572-1573), Fifth (1575-1576), Sixth (1576-1577), and Seventh (1580) Huguenot Wars; War of the Three Henrys (1585-1589).
Principal wars: Huguenot Wars (1562-1598); Valtelline War (1624-1625).
Principal wars: Huguenot Wars (1562-1592); War of the Holy League (1570-1573); Franco-Spanish War (1589-1598).
Principal wars: War of the Holy League (1511-1514); Swiss War (1515); First (1521-1526), Second (1536-1538), and Fifth (1547-1559) Hapsburg-Valois Wars; Huguenot Wars (1560-1592).
Principal wars: Eighty Years' War (1567-1648); Huguenot Wars (1562-1592).