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a people in the People’s Republic of China. Most of the Hui speak northern dialects of the Chinese language. The people consists of two groups of different origins: the northern (the Chinese Dungans) and the southern. They live in the Ningsia Hui and Sinkiang-Uighur autonomous regions, in the Chinese provinces of Kansu, Tsinghai, Shensi, and Honan, and in various large cities.

The Hui, who number approximately 5 million (1975, estimate), are Sunni Muslims. They engage primarily in farming, livestock and poultry raising, and the transshipment of freight. In urban areas the Hui are active in trading and handicrafts.


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Last year the hui was moved to Auckland, where there is a higher number of members, to improve access and reduce travel costs.
Before joining SL Green, Hui was Vice President and Controller at Acadia Realty Trust from 1995 to 2004 where she was a key member of the financial management team at the time that company became a real estate investment trust.
If not for this case, you would have probably gone down in history as one of the finest Chief Secretary in recent history," Macrae told Hui in the court.
Last July, six weeks into her pregnancy, Michelle Hui began gushing blood as she walked to work.
Secretary for the Civil Service Paul Tang said Miss Lau is a seasoned Administrative Officer with rich experience in public administration and proven leadership and management skills, and said Mr Hui has proven leadership and management skills and profound professional knowledge, as well as extensive operational experience.
18 that Kyong hui was 'in serious condition following a seizure,' allegedly brought on by her husband's execution, the report added.
Owned by a Nagoya-based shipping company, the Eifuku Maru was heading for Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture east of Tokyo while the Jia Hui set off from Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture south of Tokyo.
Det Con Mark Calvert, from the unit, said Hui "put road users and pedestrians at risk by putting people behind the wheel when they were not properly qualified or competent to drive".
Mr Hui pleaded guilty to 20 breaches of the food hygiene regulations.
Kim Kyong Hui, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's aunt and a senior official of the Workers' Party of Korea, has appeared in public for the first time in five weeks amid speculation over a deterioration in her health.
The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) on Monday announced that it has extended chief executive officer Stanley Hui Hon-chung's service term by two years, effective from 1 February 2013.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co, a China-based automaker that acquired Volvo Cars, is planning to announce details of a Volvo production base in China before next spring, First Financial Daily has reported, citing Shen Hui, Volvo's senior vice president responsible for operations in China.