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a people in the People’s Republic of China. Most of the Hui speak northern dialects of the Chinese language. The people consists of two groups of different origins: the northern (the Chinese Dungans) and the southern. They live in the Ningsia Hui and Sinkiang-Uighur autonomous regions, in the Chinese provinces of Kansu, Tsinghai, Shensi, and Honan, and in various large cities.

The Hui, who number approximately 5 million (1975, estimate), are Sunni Muslims. They engage primarily in farming, livestock and poultry raising, and the transshipment of freight. In urban areas the Hui are active in trading and handicrafts.


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"This court is just an agent of the state, agreeing with them (prosecutors)," Hui said.
'This will smash Hong Kong's international reputation into pieces,' Hui stressed about the bill.
She said Hui Lau Shan will widen its reach nationwide with more branches so that they can bring the taste of the world-popular Philippine carabao mangoes closer to the Filipino.
In addition, Hui vehicles are equipped with Toyota's Smart Key Box, which generates a digital key that allows users to lock and unlock, as well as start vehicles via their smartphone.
Against this background, Hui formulates a question: "If one admits that there are multiple natures, is it possible to think of multiple technics, which are different from each other not simply functionally and aesthetically, but also ontologically and cosmologically?"
"We have witnessed the role of Grand Hyatt Beijing in the success of Hui Xian REIT's Beijing Oriental Plaza for the past 18 years," said H L Kam, chairman, Hui Xian Asset Management Limited.
Hui's riches rose faster this year than those of billionaires such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Alphabet Inc., and Microsoft Inc.'s Bill Gates.
When Ah Hui met her husband, she saw from his habit of opening doors with his feet to avoid dirtying his hands that he was an Ah Yau.
The MoU was signed in the presence of Li Lingbing, Consul General to the UAE for the People's Republic of China by Badr Abbas, Emirates' Senior Vice President Commercial Operations for the Far East; and Xue Gang, Deputy Secretary General, the People's Government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Therefore, this research investigates the social indicators of the integration/retention of the Hui in their daily lives today.
Hui, who currently serves as Senior Vice President and Corporate Controller, has been with SL Green for 10 years.