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a people in the People’s Republic of China. Most of the Hui speak northern dialects of the Chinese language. The people consists of two groups of different origins: the northern (the Chinese Dungans) and the southern. They live in the Ningsia Hui and Sinkiang-Uighur autonomous regions, in the Chinese provinces of Kansu, Tsinghai, Shensi, and Honan, and in various large cities.

The Hui, who number approximately 5 million (1975, estimate), are Sunni Muslims. They engage primarily in farming, livestock and poultry raising, and the transshipment of freight. In urban areas the Hui are active in trading and handicrafts.


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5-million-square-meter Dutch theme park and resort facilities will continue as Mizuho Corporate Bank, the main lender, has pledged to offer financing to allow Huis Ten Bosch Co.
The court-appointed administrator of the failed Huis Ten Bosch said Saturday he is contacting foreign and domestic companies for help in rebuilding the major theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki.
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Medea - AB Merouana (15h00 / a huis clos) A Bejaia : JSM Bejaia - USM Blida (15h00) A Saida : MC Saida - A.
In this area you'll find the tall spire of the Westerkerk and the modest Anne Frank Huis.
Sagie bely sy liefde teenoor Ansie met die belofte dat hy vir haar 'n huis gaan bou op Greundal.
On 03 May 2014, approximately 20 adults and 20 children will start cycling from Buitepos to Swakopmund as part of a fund-raising effort by Huis Maerua and Welwitschia schools.
At the request of Ballast Nedam's Board of Management, Mr Hans Huis in 't Veld has been appointed an acting member of Infra Special Projects' management team.
Prince Friso passed away at Palace Huis ten Bosch in The Hague on the morning of 12 August.
Dans l'autre match du groupe, le CA Bezertin accueillera a huis clos l'Entente de Setif (Algerie) dimanche au stade Zouiten a Tunis.
The largest theme park in Japan, Huis Ten Bosch attracts many tourists, including students especially for their school graduation trip.
Commercants soudanais fournissent les rebelles du secteur du nord avec la nourriture pres de Kllouki (AKHBAR ALYOUM): *L'Amerique entrave la declaration de la Russie sur le Soudan dans une reunion a huis clos du Conseil de securite de l'ONU.