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a people in the People’s Republic of China. Most of the Hui speak northern dialects of the Chinese language. The people consists of two groups of different origins: the northern (the Chinese Dungans) and the southern. They live in the Ningsia Hui and Sinkiang-Uighur autonomous regions, in the Chinese provinces of Kansu, Tsinghai, Shensi, and Honan, and in various large cities.

The Hui, who number approximately 5 million (1975, estimate), are Sunni Muslims. They engage primarily in farming, livestock and poultry raising, and the transshipment of freight. In urban areas the Hui are active in trading and handicrafts.


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Paramilitary police in northeastern China are on alert after ethnic Uyghurs and Hui people got into a potentially violent row with each other, a human rights watchdog said Tuesday.
Van Huis has organised lectures, food tastings, and cookery classes with a master chef who demonstrates how to prepare a range of recipes using bugs, worms and grasshoppers, all bred - or raised - at a Dutch insect farm for consumption.
Insects are high in nutrition, according to Professor van Huis, and they convert food into meat more efficiently than animals like cows or pigs.
FUKUOKA - Struggling theme park operator Huis Ten Bosch Co.
Pickersgill semblait d'accord avec le rapport, alors je lui ai dit: Jack, nous allons nous reunir a huis clos, et c'est ce dont nous allons discuter.
The hotel opened as ANA Hotel JR Huis Ten Bosch 17 years ago and has now been rebranded as a five-star Okura Hotels & Resorts hotel.
He said, though, that he had warned precinct commanders that they would be relieved of their posts if three consecutive HUIs took place in their areas.
L'autre aubaine dont pourrait profiter la formation oranaise, est le deroulement de la rencontre a huis clos.
Al Bawsala exprime son extreme preoccupation quant a la possibilite de la tenue d'une seance pleniere a huis clos au sein de l'Assemblee Nationale Constituante pour examiner les deux motions censure adressees par un groupe de 81 elus a la ministre du Tourisme et le ministre delegue aupres du ministre de l'Interieur charge de la securite nationale, expliquant, dans un communique, que cette approche est contraire au principe de transparence et au droit constitutionnel du citoyen d'acceder a l'information, conformement a l'article 32 de la constitution '.
Theo Senekal, Samsung Country Manager and Johan van Straaten, General Manager of Furntech Agencies visited Huis Maerua in Auasblick recently.
Arnold Van Huis, of the Wageningen University, said bugs are nutritious and full of goodness and if people in the West could override their culturally indoctrinated sense of disgust, the environment would benefit.
to aid Huis Ten Bosch turnaround, aiming for profit in 2 yrs